Have you seen a BG RH first lately?

  1. I would prefer NM due to their easy return/exchange policy. Has anyone seen one lately? I am thinking of exchanging my city for a first.
  2. i saw one at the nm newport.
  3. There was one at NM Charlotte about a month ago....
  4. There is one at NM Tyson's Virginia.:yes:
  5. There is one at NM Troy, Michigan.
  6. Did you happen to notice how the leather looked? I kind of want to get it from Lisa because I took back the other bag she sent me and she is so nice.
  7. Where are you at?

    NM Las Vegas in the Fashionshow Mall has hella.

    And RDC has one too.
  8. How about AR?
    I got mine last week with absolutely beautiful thick leather with minimal distress...:smile:
  9. ^ Yep, as of jan 30 AR has BG First RH!
  10. one on eBay