Have you seen a bag that matches these shoes???

  1. Meet my new Gucci Britt grey sparkle pumps. (photo from Bluefly, where I bought them) I am quite smitten with them :love: . I'd love a patent bag that matches them. Has anyone seen this sparkle grey patent in a bag? I've done some looking around, but came up emptyhanded.
  2. congrats! you mean a bag of any brand, correct? you could consider any non-patent blacks actually if you can't find a perfect match. should probably also consider after factoring in the clothes you plan to wear with them.
  3. Thanks for answering. I meant a Gucci Britt in the same patent color...perhaps a small shoulder bag or something...anything :yes:
  4. I have similar shoes with a higher heel in exactly the same leather and from the same collection. To my understanding there is no bag that has the same patent leather but the matching bags are silver leather. I almost managed to get one to match but the last one sold before I could get my hands on it. If I find it again I will PM you.
  5. Thanks - I just love the leather...something so retro about it.