Have you seen a BABY GST? :D

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  1. It doesn't look like a PST at all.. It looks like a smaller version of the GST, and smaller than the PST too, with zipper. It looks soo cute.. I just saw one yesterday at Hong Kong Chanel Boutique while window shopping with my DH. :biggrin:
  2. oh yea, its the timeless tote. or what chanel considers the timeless tote. it's very cute!
  3. yup ive seen that in the celebs thread. I think scar jo has one. It is a bit small but super cute.
  4. I think it looks cute with pink! Since pink is a baby color! :biggrin: But unfortunately, the only color available here in Hong Kong is BLACK... I haven't seen much colors here in HOng Kong.. Only Beige and BLACK.. :/ And yeah, the Baby GST retails for HKD 14300.