Have you seen 08 matte black reissue w/ gold HW?

  1. Hi all, I am looking to get this, have you seen any in the store yet? This is the same one (or similar one) that they released in 2005 and 2007. My SA said they will be releasing this again in S/S 08, in the new sizes. please drop a note here if you have seen this floating around, I just want to be sure it is what I am looking for before I place order with me SA, thanks ya.
  2. Maybe I should add a little bit more details here, I sent a pic of the anniversary (or the 2007?) matte black reissue (in distressed leather) with gold HW to Lisa, checking if they have this purse, Lisa's assistant replied me saying that they are receiving this purse this season , and she called it "Matte Crackled Leather", I am a bit concerned here and didn't dare to place my order with her yet... as I learnt from some tpfers here that, crackled leather is different from distressed leather (Smooth, was it you?)

    So if you have seen this IRL, please let me know if it looks like the anniversary/2007 purse... Thanks ladies.
  3. me too would like to know ...because am wait listed for metallic black wgh, but if they gonna release the matte black version then i will wait (matte black with vintage looking gold hardware:heart:)

  4. Hey there Ice Earl....
    I think the crackled leather has a sheen to it so it is different from the original distressed leather.
  5. Thanks bagmad73... thanks also for the PM, I really hope Chanel will do the distressed leather again... I shall wait patiently....:girlsigh:
  6. i've been waiting for this purse to be released too:yes: wanted to get it in size 226:upsidedown:
  7. Hi,

    I have also been waiting for the matte leather, but all the SA's I have spoken with at Chanel and stores are saying that all the 2.55 reissues for S/S '08 will have a sheen to them. No matte's. :sad:

    I have also asked if the matte's will be released for the fall-- but no one knows. :s