Have you run into this at your post office?

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  1. I sell about 3-4 items average per week. 99% of the time I print my postage on line through paypal becuase I have a record of shipment.
    I went into my post office the other day and said oh can you make sure you scan these, the post office worker says oh were no supose to scan 1st class mail anymore. I said well I paid for delivery confirmation and I like my customers to be able to track their packages. Mind you Im the only one in the post office and it took her longer to argue with me than to scan my 2 packages.
    I also said well I ususally use carrier pick up and everything shows up scaned. She said well your carrier has to scan it to show it was picked up.
    Am I missing something here I drove to the post office and asked nicely for them to scan, all I get is grief, I give them a lot of business. Has anyone else had this happen to them? I know there are a couple of postal workers in this chat can you chime in and let me know you thoughts
  2. Humm...is it only for First Class packages or all types of postage printed from Paypal? I printed a postage from Paypal for Priority Mail and without scanning the package from the post office it is still trackable. I'm pretty sure if you brought DC# then you should be able to track the package.
  3. She said delivery confirmation is when its delivered that the postal worker that is delivering it will scan it. So it will show as delivered. They dont have to track it while its in transit. I think priority get scanned. Its just that if they dont scan it I dont have any proof to show my buyer that at least I did ship the item if it does go astray (which has happened in the past). I
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    Yes I think Priority is the only one that you can get tracking for now? I plan to ask at my p.o. tomorrow to find out for sure. There has to be certain thickness of the envelope before you can track it so that means priority. A thin Tyek envelope got sent back to me because I had sent it first class with tracking. When it reached the buyer, they charged her for Priority because it was not a certain thickness; she refused to pay the postage due . I would have reimbursed her of course, but still priority postage due it was about $3 more than first class. So...it was sent back to me! Boy, that was dicey because the pkg. was floating around for a couple of weeks and the buyer was really p.o'd about her dustbag (after refusing to pay the postage due of $3). Luckily it was only a dustbag that I had forgotten to put in the original pkg and NOT the bag (which of course was sent insured, priority, with signature confirmation: she got that, thank goodness)
    The USPS has all kinds of rules is all I am saying...and they do change.
  5. Odd...I just send a First Class USPS package last week with DC # and it was trackable. Though I did not printed it from Paypal. You should try calling up another post office or go to another one.
  6. I think some postal workers just don't want to deal with customers anymore.
  7. I have had this problem forever. When I ask for my Priority packages to be scanned, they look at me like I just landed, lol. I use the scan form which no one in the PO has ever seen, apparently, even though it says to hand it to the postal worker to scan. It really is for pick up, but it can be done at the PO, as well, but that scanner is in the back. I have to tell them every time how to do it, but I finally will get it done. I use pick up for less expensive items, but for the pricier ones, I prefer to go to the PO if I can. And, it is a hassle every time. Fedex Home Delivery actually gets more of my business these days. They are fairly quick, trackable, cheap and deliver on Saturdays.
  8. It has been an issue for a number of years. At one time PO workers were told not to scan PayPal because we were getting a better rate, then they were told they they should. That emphasis seems to have gone to the wayside, but we usually get ALL packages scanned because we have come to know the Postal employees personally.

    My wife makes snacks and treats for them during most holidays and we are on a first name basis. Should it be necessary? No, but we are not going to change the system, so all we can do is try to influence our part of the world.
  9. I work at the PO and that sounds like baloney to me. Any package that has a DC on it (even straight first class parcel or parcel post) should get a scan upon the customer's request if it's a preprinted label, and automatically if they've filled out the DC in the post office.

    It's true that with delivery confirmation basically the service you are purchasing is confirmation of delivery rather than full tracking, however while you may not get moment to moment tracking, you should be able to get your accepted at PO scan with your DC. We've gotten several memos on this in the past few months, none of them stated that this is only for priority packages.

  10. Postal workers were told not to scan the preprinted labels because entering them online already entered them into the system, and scanning these would create duplicates. That is what I was taught, anyway. Now as the PO is trying to improve their customer service with packages we are told to scan any preprinted label upon a customer's request.

  11. with my business we ship over 300 packages a day first class mail and not 1 of them get scanned in ANYMORE, They use to all get scanned in but now, nothing. I get customers emailing and calling wondering why we havent shipped and why the tracking doesnt work all of the time. DC shows printed and then not scanned again until THEIR city days later. its frustrating for sure.
  12. Thanks for your input linda.
    That is my issue Cheryl, the customer looks at the email they receive and it says the post office is expecting your package. It looks to the customer that it was never shipped out.
    Steve I think my postal workers hate me, if I made them cookies I dont think they would accept them. I am always polite, but I work in customer service and expect some degree of customer service from them too. They always have a reason not to do something.
    Oh and I also have to bring in all my media mail open so they can see that it is a book WTF %$##&&#& Its not like I try to scam them I weigh everything and have everything ready to go. I dont ask for tape. I dont know what the problem is
  13. Sounds like a particular office needs some counseling. They may have forgotten who is their customer or that they have customers at all.:thinking:

    This is from their website:

    How do I file a complaint or get general assistance?
    For general assistance or complaints, please contact us at 1-800-ASK-USPS or via email. Agents are available M-F 8am -8:30pm ET, Sat 8am - 6pm ET.

    Here is where I got that http://www.usps.com/customerservice/welcome.htm?from=home_header&page=CustomerService
  14. Linda, I do wish you would come work at my PO :smile: I mean no offense to postal workers in general - my brother-in-law is also a postal worker. But customer service is pretty lacking where I live (unfortunately, he is in Texas and I'm not).

    eBayguy unless things have considerably improved lately, the complaint process is a joke. I have used it several times with no resolution to my problems or sometimes even an answer. I am glad that baked goods have worked for you, but, honestly I would rather not bring cookies to people who are rude to me and, as said above, would rather use Fedex most of the time.

    The good news is, however, that there is a new supervisor at my PO who has been helpful lately.
  15. I don't know if this is helpful but I know that some of the prepaid postage that are printed out here in Canada don't scan at the post office. It shows that it's an invalid tracking number or a duplicate on the computer.