Have you regret buying a light colored b bag?


Mar 15, 2010
If your beloved bbag is a light colored such as white, sky blue, niox...
Does the color fade over years?
Are they easy to match your daily outfits?
Do you use them often compare to the darker color bags?
Most importantly, do they easily get dirty and hard to maintain?

Would like to hear your opinion. Thanks for sharing!
Sep 23, 2005
To be honest, yes. I have a couple of light bags and the problem is when the color of the cords in the handles is also very light.

It's not that the cords show dirt easily, much more easily than the light leather of the handles - the real problem with mine is that the cords started to look darker as they flatten out / smooth out with normal use even though they were still clean.

I have been so careful with my second bag and barely touched the cords with my hands, I wear it on the shoulder only with light colored clothes, most of the time I use the (uncomfortable) shoulder strap. And still the cords now look different after only a few weeks.

My next Bal is going to be bright, not light!


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Jun 11, 2008
My lightest bag (and one of my absolute favourites) is 03 Lilac. It's a beautiful neutral and I wear a lot of dark coloured clothes so it goes with everything. It hasn't faded or yellowed but I am careful when I carry it and every now and then I apply a tiny bit of LMB Pro treatment cream on the corners it so that even if they get a little dirty it's usually easy to clean.

Some colours, especially the white/off whites, light blues and greens can yellow with time/sun exposure and I have to admit that has put me off getting any of these.


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Nov 4, 2006
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I have - and the very reason I sold them at the end because it breaks my heart to see them yellowed despite me being so careful when wearing them and it is was really rarely I used them

I had 2 Calcaire bags that turned yellow..

I personally love this particular colour - however the yellowing experience really turns me off getting any light coloured Bbags..