Have you rec'd the Mulberry online sale discount email yet?

  1. Just wondered if anyone has received the email from Mulberry for an extra discount for the first couple of days of their online sale yet, as I haven't received mine yet? If so, could you copy and paste the link that is contained within it?
  2. I haven't received anything yet, but I should be on the mailing list so hopefully it's coming soon! :tender:
  3. oh god, can someone please post on here please?

    may i also take that chance to thank you gals here especially JazzyJay, i love mulberry and learn alot from here.

    ashame there's no mulberry shop in melbourne i gotta buy online. :throwup: it's really hard trying to avoid fake ones...

    anyway, once again, thanks!
  4. Nope not yet!
  5. Thanks guys, at least it isn't just me that hasn't received one. Mind you, they are cutting it fine if the sale begins on Christmas night.
  6. Thought it was just me. Have been trying to plan my day around hitting the sale at the beginning.
  7. Is it 12oclock am or 7 am ?? , either one i`m there with bells on !!!
  8. It's all so secretive...when the sale starts and whats going to be in it..........
  9. :tup::tup::tup::tup: Thanks Zooba!!! Can't hardly wait!xxx
  10. does everything that's currently available in the online store go on sale? and do they bring back styles that have been discontinued or colours that have been previously unavailable?
  11. I would really like the Fitzrovia to be on sale but I doubt it.
  12. Excellent, thank you zooba! I was trying to remember what the web extension was from last year, I tried sale and preview, but of course, not both together!

    Fingers crossed for some bargains! Last year, some of the stuff sold out so quickly that I missed something I wanted, then when I checked the next day, it was back in stock, so I don't think it always pays be there right at the start.
  13. Has everyone else received this link ??

    I have not received anything as yet??
  14. Does PREVIEW not mean, not yet for sale? If so,when will the sale start?