Have You Purchased Anything For Fall Yet ?

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  1. So far ive bought a down coat in maroon by Exte and a pair of knee high boots by Prada in black.:heart:

    Have you purchased anything for fall yet ?
  2. Nope, I'm trying not to buy anything at all. Except for bags that is.
  3. I bought a dior medium gaucho in brown last week, and it is fabulous.:yes: I also bought a LV Perfo Demi Lune in the Orange color, both fabulous by the way. My next purchase will have to be a new Spy bag or maybe the dark brown Muse, I have been looking at it lately....:rolleyes:
  4. Hubby bought me a burberry quilted jacket.... too cute! In Oregon the weather is pretty mild so it is perfect.
  5. Great to see that I'm not the only one! So far I've gotten some Victorian-inspired black leather and suede ankle boots with buttons, black velvet elbow length gloves, a long sleeved cropped velvet jacket its tan with black beading, and a long sleeved cashmere shurg that is grey with gold thread. Hmmm, that seems a little ridculous.

    What is this about Prada boots? Where are the pics? LOL.
  6. Not bought, but I pre-orderd an antique brown Chanel bag!
  7. I have my eyes on the following fall must-haves:

    - lace pumps (black with nude lining)
    - black metal watch with black face
    - 2 pairs of leggings that go down far enough to cover half my foot/ankle, preferrably a whole bodysuit so I can wear a jersy knit dress with large necklaces and pumps
    - a fabulous red bag
    - vintage washed mid-calve cowboy boots
    - dark washed skinny jeans
    - shoe-booties (black)
    - charcoal gray fitted vest - pin stripes preferred
    - heather gray cashmere warmup suit
    - a fabulous red coat. preferrably the DKNY wrap coat.
  8. wintersnight - "long sleeved cropped velvet jacket its tan with black beading" that sounds sooooooooo cute - pair that up with a long lined cream tank top with dark washed skinny jeans and pumps and u are ready for a nite on the town!!!
  9. As tempting as it is to go clothing shopping for fall, I can't since I keep losing weight. If I buy something for fall now, it will probably be too baggy by the time I get to actually wear it.

    I did order an LV mono cles two days ago. Does that count? :P
  10. afraid so yep!
    I went to the sales and ended up ordering my winter items.

    So far I have purchased,
    Chloe jersey grecian dress from a/w 06 with velvet belt under the bust.
    Black Fendi B Belt from a/w 06

    and I am on the list for a pair of Louboutin Black Patent Bruges as I really think they will go with alot of stuff I already have (and the new B belt!)

    I really want the Fendi B bag, just need to save some pennys up :smile:
  11. OMG I love your list! I saw a pair of Dior pumps nude with black lace, but they weren't comfortable for me. And I just got a red Gucci horsebit (for my mom, but still I may have to borrow it...).
  12. I can't wait to wear it! The beading is very pretty. I may also pair it up with the Victorian-inspired boots, but I like the idea of a cream tank with it. I usually wear alot of black but I'll need something lighter with it to balance it out.
  13. That sounds really, really exciting! Antique brown, yum.
  14. I'm hoping to purchase something big.. e.g. real estate for fall (might as well put that rent money into a downpayment !). Maybe, maybe, fingers crossed !
  15. Well that puts our bag and shoe buying to shame ;)

    Very best of luck with it :smile: