Have you purchased a Key Pouch lately??

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  1. hi guys! I was planning to add a key pouch to my collection, I absolutely love how it is small yet versatile in use. I’m debating between the Monogram or Damier Ebene.

    for the Monogram, has anyone noticed a dull color like some of the new pieces??? I worry that it will come in dull like my reverse Pochette Metis I recently purchased. Thanks in advance!
  2. I am not sure if this will help at all (the second and third key pouch in this picture )were purchased this time last year about and the top one was from 2013. I don’t see to much of a difference canvas wise my older monogram may be a bit deeper in color

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  3. Mine came last week, made in france end of February. Yes its dull

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  4. I bought one in the graphite and it seemed ok?
    I don't have a pic handy but I do have the YouTube video I made of it? :smile:
  5. I have a question, I have been thinking about buying one but what does everyone use theirs for? sorry if that's a dumb question
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  6. I bought my first DE key pouch in 2013 and it's held up really well, still shiny and substantial but the new one I bought in Mono last month was significantly thinner, duller, and not as straight cut. You can definitely see the difference if you own both but perhaps you won't since this is your first one.

    I put all my credit cards, license, health card, etc and then hang my car fob and house keys from the little keyring attached. I think it holds about 8-10 cards without issues. You can even fold up cash and put some for emergencies. I haven't carried a wallet in years! It's probably the smallest yet best piece in my collection and I truly can't live without it. Holds up super well (mine is 7 years old, I'm not careful w/ it AT ALL, and yet it's in excellent condition).
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  7. Not sure if this helps, and I do not have a good point of reference because I own very little LV, but here is the graphite key pouch, which I purchased March 13th.

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  8. I bought one but couldn’t find a use for it! I guess it’s meant for keys so you don’t lose them in your bag. Sold mine.
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  9. I'm from the UK & looking at buying this ..constantly refreshing LV's page. Anyone done the same and had much luck? I feel like I'm getting no where