Have you ordered from LVR?

  1. Hi. I wondered if anybody here has ordered from LVR and had it shipped to the US? How much duties did you pay? Any ideas on how to pay lower duties? They only use FedEx. Help!:hysteric:
  2. I thought I read in the Chloe subforum that LVR will include duties and taxes in their quotes if you email and ask? But don't quote me on that yet... wait, let me look...

    edit: oooops sorry, it was NAP, not LVR :sad:
  3. any ideas where I can find one?
  4. You cannot get the duties lowered. I would say that the duties (including Fedex fees) are about 10%. I have ordered a few bags from them and that was about what I was charged.
  5. Hi chigirl. somebody told me that there's a $25 charge aside from the 10%. Do you remember if you were also charged? Did you buy a Balenciaga bag from them?
  6. I didn't buy a bbag from them. I bought a Novak and a couple others. Three different orders. I think the total extra charges (duties and the $25 FedEx fee) came to 10% of the purchase price.