Have you ordered from Annsfabulousfinds?

  1. Just wondering what they are like to buy from and in particular wondering about whether they are willing to undervalue bags on the customs form having just been stung paying $40 customs charge on a pair of $50 shorts!!:yucky:
  2. I've bought a Balenciaga bag from them. It was exactly as described, they sent me lots of pictures, and both Ann and Troy were really nice to deal with. I got free shipping, but I'm in the US.
  3. I have heard great things about them, but I haven't personally bought anything (yet). Anytime I have contacted them, they have been very quick to reply.
  4. I just bought a '05 caramel Purse from Ann. I called to find out about layaway but ended up just buying it. Ann was very friendly and helpful. You can probably call her and ask about the customs thing. She's in Michigan I believe and the phone number is on the website.
  5. I have never ordered from there but i have read some goods reports here at the Purse Forum on other threads (try and look them up) they say she always sends alot of pics and details the bag as much as possible and is always accurate in what she describes ..... also she does have some great items:yes:
  6. i'm in the middle of buyign a bag fro her and she has been really lovely and helpful. answer my question promptly and honest.
  7. i have not bought anything from that website... tho i've read a few posts on here and she comes highly recommended :smile:
  8. Just a piece of jewelery...No bags...But I wouldn't hesitate.
  9. I'm eyeing some of their bags... they look authentic and they're not cheap. Just want to hear from you guys, to be sure. ;)

    Here's the link: http://www.annsfabulousfinds.com/

  10. For sure! I've bought from them before- once upon a Fuchia Neo Speedy!

    AFF is great!
  11. Great company...very reputable.
  12. yes - Ann is very helpful and offers a great selection. Email her directly and she or Troy will promptly respond.
  13. great! that's good news! these days, I can't seem to decide on anything without checking with tpf first :smile:
  14. Have you tried emailing them to ask for a discount? What would be a reasonable percentage? 10%off? I'm so tempted to ask them but I don't want them to feel insulted or anything
  15. Ann is very open to working with her customers