Have you ordered form Diabro?

  1. Hi Girls,

    I am thinking of ordering a bag from Diabro however have never done so. How is there shipping? How long does it take? And how is their service? Any good and bad experiences would be helpful.
  2. Got an authentic Chloe from them - service is good, shipping is fast - about 3-5 days. They declare a low value on your order so you don't get nailed with duty taxes. Heard with cc payment they require you to give personal info (ss # ?), With Paypal no problem but there is a conversion fee from $ to JPY - also,does not matter what the curent exchnage rate - Paypal will not adjust it as they said they are not a bank - so that could be a difference of another $20-30:sad: depending on when you
    finalize your transaction with them.
  3. I have ordered from them too. Authentic merchandise and very fast shipping. :yes:
  4. Yes, I just ordered a bag last week. It was definitely authentic and only took a few days to ship.
  5. Hi, i also just ordered my bal coin purse from there....the shippin takes only a few days to singapore...pretty fast as i tot.....authentic item for sure.....:jammin: :jammin:
  6. Another Diabro fan here!! Really fast shipping, great product, great prices for Dior and Chloe too.
  7. I agreed...in fact, i'm thinking of getting the weekender bag from them but i can't decide which color to get..hahahahahah
  8. I've oredered from Diabro.net!!
    Authentic items and great comunication...
  9. I agree with what eveyrone's said above. I've ordered from Diabro, and they are some of the easiest folks to deal with. Authentic items, and at times you get really great deals on Bbags -- I did with my Grenat Work! Shipping took all but 3 business days to get to me in Washington, DC. FAST!

    Speaking of Diabro, they have Sandstone and Anthracite Flat Messengers for sale right now, US$923. WOW!