Have you noticed this ebay bidder??

  1. Just wondering if anyone has noticed this eBay bidder. I've been looking at some Louis Vuitton auctions and I noticed that almost all the auctions I've looked at have a bidder whose name is something like letter***letter or letter***number, or something***something (ex. y***5 - this isn't a real ID just one I made up so that you understand what I mean). Everytime I do a search to see who the bidder is it pulls up a bidder from Germany. Just wondering if this is either a) an overzealous bag collector who sells at profit or b) a shiller who likes to boost up the final price for the auction or c) just plain coincidence that these different bidders have a similar eBay id.

    Hope I don't ruffle anyone's feathers with this inquiry :sweatdrop: I was just curious to see if anyone else noticed it too.
  2. check this thread:

  3. Wow, thanks cherll! It's nice to know that I wasn't just imagining things. I kept thinking that there was some eBay shiller who was deliberately bringing up the prices of auctions :shame: Its good to see that ebay is doing things to make our shopping experiences a little safer!
  4. I'm glad eBay is trying to protect buyers from shady characters who may try to contact them with "offers".
  5. They used to say "bidder 1", "bidder 2" (or maybe it was buyer) when they first put the policy into effect, and it confused the heck out of me. I think this way is much better. I do still think they display the full ID of the winning bidder once the auction ends, so it's not quite as protective as it could be...
  6. Yes, they do display the winning bidder's name and bidding activity once the action ends.
  7. i dont really see whats the problem...
    what is it protecting you from? maybe a bidder that lost the bid to offer you money for the bag? :wlae::wlae: let me know cause i had never thought of that.