Have you noticed the matching print placements on the vacanze denaros?

  1. I haven't really paid much attention to the vancanze print in denaros, but started looking them up today. I've noticed that a lof of the denaros have similiar print placements of characters on both sides of the wallet. I don't know if it's done on purpose or by pure chance, but think it's kind of neat anyway.
  2. it's been happening a lot lately since trasporto.

    mine doesn't have the same front and back, though i wouldn't mind if it did :p
  3. I thought I found my perfect denaro at Metropark this past Saturday . It had Mozzarella and the eskimo boy at the front perfectly centered . The back had the cute couple exchanging gifts at the back right in the middle not cut off . But one of the screws had come off , they could'nt fix it in the store . They said they would have to send it back to Lesportsac . I should have been more persistant , maybe I could have purchased it and have it repaired . But I later I thought I really wanted the couple exchanging gifts on the front of the denaro . But it is so hard to find a denaro with a different front and back . And that denaro had cute charaters with none being cut off . Oh well I'm still on the hunt ! I hope to find one soon .
  4. mozzarella and the eskimo boy placement sound great. i still haven't decided if i like the idea of matching placements on the back though.

    hmm...i think my toki hunt is on as well...
  5. I haven't gotten my denaro from the lesportsac website yet, but I hoping that the front and back will be different.