Have you met the Triplets?

  1. Finally had some time to take pictures of the Triplets. I don't think I can part with any of them for the moment, so Whiskey is staying in the family.

  2. Very nice. What color is the dark middle paddy?
  3. Chocolate
  4. Beautiful set of triplets you have there! I think I see room for one more - how do you feel about quadruplets?
  5. :P They are addictive. Love the satchel style always... and love all of your colors. Nice family!
  6. Love!:love: You and I have a thing for the brown shades. I have choco, whiskey and tan! And you're making me want the taupe!!

    Great photo, great bags! The Paddington is like Lays potato chips - you can't stop at just one. :lol: Thanks for sharing your girls with us.

    (I know I'm going to keep looking at this picture all night...)
  7. i wish. i was going to, but decided to get the Kerala instead. i think adding a younger sister makes more sense at this point.
  8. :lol: :lol: :lol: ! Too cute!
  9. Great looking family! Hey so you got the whiskey back already! How is it? Hope it's all better now:smile: And congrats on the taupe! I know you were trying to decide about a week back. Thanks for sharing the pic:smile:)
  10. The taupe looks nice (and so do the whiskey and chocolate). Such a lovely family! You must be proud!
  11. You should be very proud of your lovely family...great pic!!!!!
  12. Great colors!
  13. OMG I love the taupe! Hmmm...maybe I'll join you and have fraternal twins! Hee Hee! jk
  14. thanks guys for the compliments. i am definitely a proud mama of 3.

    as for the whiskey update: yes, i finally got her back from the shop. i didn't get a chance to update, cuz i'm crazily working on my taxes. for those in SF, i took her to Frank's Shoe Repair on Polk Street. Frank Jr. is great. He special ordered the dye for me from LA, said something about mixing 3 different color to get the proper shade. i wish i had taken a before-picture of the mess I made from the pen mark so that you would be able to appreciate the difference. only cost $35 to fix. i'm so happy she was salvagable. i thought she was a gonner. lesson learned: DIY leather cleaning does not apply to "IT" bags. Professional cleaning only.:P
  15. Oh what a relief! So happy to hear she's all better now:biggrin:. I'm glad you're keeping her. The whiskey is :love:.