Have you Met/Seen Hollywood stars?

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  1. like a year ago i saw the guy from "Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo" i think his name is Rob Schneider. :weird:
  2. I've seen quite a few at premieres here in London but the best one was Orlando Bloom, he spent so much time talking to fans and came over to us. He was sooo sweet and drop dead gorgeous in real life!:love:

    You saw Rob Schneider VuittonCrazyGirl? He seems funny!
  3. heath ledger and his gf live in my neighborhood. I have seen michelle williams when she ate at the rest I used to work at and saw Heath ledger walking by a couple times. They look so different from their movies/pictures tho that I wouldnt have recognized them on my own, my bf had to point it out. And I saw that guy...can't remember his name - phillip huffman or something? - walking around. I really never look and see celebs though, and when I do I don't even recognize them
  4. I have seen Arnold and his wife Maria, John Stamos, Celine Dion, Kim Basinger and Alec Baldwin (when they were still married).
  5. I've seen Colin Farrell in NYC bundling up walking passed me in February 2006. I remember it was 2 days before V-day and it was the historical NYC blizzard too. LOL.

  6. I've seen musical artist but thats it.....and they that was at concerts.

    Method Man
    50 Cent
    and others I've forgotten.
  7. I'm SO jealous.

    I admire your self-restraint. I think if I ever saw Orlando Bloom I would jump on him and kiss him. Even if I got arrested for it, it would be sooooooooo worth it! :lol:
  8. 1996 - Backstreet Boys when they came to Malaysia to promote their debut album

    1996 - Michael Jackson when he gave his first-ever concert in Malaysia

    1998/9 (i don't remember) - Sean Connery and Catherine Zeta-Jones when they came to Malaysia to film Entrapment

    2002 - the string quartet Bond when they gave a concert in Malaysia
  9. Funny you should say that, loads of girls were asking him for kisses and he GAVE THEM ONE!!! I was so jealous but too shy...:shame:
    When he came right in front of me and smiled and signed, I just melted! It's so funny because I filmed all of it and when you watch the movie, all you hear is high pitched screaming (my voice is in there somewhere lol :biggrin: )!
  10. living in LA, having been in entertainment, (husband still is) yes.
    the novelty has definitely worn off!
  11. I saw several stars
    nicole richi
    p diddy
    sarah jessica parker
    the girl from buffy ( with the brown hair)
    ice t
    david schwimmer
    the former olympic ice skater lives in my building
    but i never came up to any of them
  12. I've only seen teeny boopers celebrities, nothing to brag about :/

    I was at Gucci in Rodeo and stood next to Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen, and didn't even realize it until my friend pointed them out. They weren't very nice. They were giving the sales girl a lot of attitude :0

    I've seen Amanda Bynes, Hillary Duff and Aaron Carter @ Hollywood Highland. Like I said, noone exciting :/

    Michelle Kwan was probably the only one I was excited about. She was very nice and approachable.
  13. So far i've met katie holmes..hillary duff and sis...Met Mark Walhberg in a club in NY..i believe it's called rumors..our table is next to his!i even took a photo with him and got to hug him..and he kissed me(on the cheek of course!!) later on..He was really sweet and nice..lots of girls came up to him..my Guy friend was actually a fan that's why we were able to take a pic with him.Hmm..Met harrison ford in CPK..totally not excited..hahhaa..met ronan keating and Code Red (a long time ago!!)..Hmm..can't remember who else..Ohhh Paris Hilton in Vegas,Venetian!..so far that's it i think...can't remember the rest..:P
  14. Pierce Brosnan a couple of weeks ago during st Patricks day here in vancouver in the irish pub lennox! and he was SUCH AN *******!!! :evil:
    he was on the table next to mine and i saw a few girl come up to him to ask if he could take pics with them and he was like "NO.. Leave me alone!" wtf!? and the girls werent totally hysterical or anything...they were polite...
    totally turned me off him.. to think i was going over to ask for the same thing! :evil:
  15. Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams live in the Borem Hill area right?

    I've seen Katie Holmes outside the Coffee Shop at Union Square, Keanu Reeves on the upper east side and Sarah Jessica Parker w/ Cynthia Nixon on Park Avenue South. Carmen Electra and Jennifer Love Hewitt at a photo shoot. Oh and "Paulie" from the Soprano's - he lives across the street from me LOL!