Have you ladies heard of the color CHOCOLAT?? please help!!

  1. Hi everyone! as many of you know, I am currently on the quest for my very first balenciaga city. I was deciding between Cafe & Marron earlier and as I stated before, I was very torn.

    I decided to see what the stores are carrying and I've realized that a couple people have purchased from diabro.net
    and I see that they not only have truffle and the marron (Too bad no Cafe!!) but they also carry Chocolat! I've never heard of the Chocolat colour before and was wondering what the difference is between the Chocolat & the Cafe?:confused1:

    any ideas ladies? cuz the chocolat looks pretty gorgeous on the net as well!!
    and just to confirm..Diabro sells AUTHENTIC bags? :shrugs: and what is their customer service like?

    many thanks again!!! you ladies are the best of the best:heart: :love:
  2. oh heheh! thanks for the headsup :smile: but not really about authenticate this..
    I just want to know how people would descirbe the color, chocolate on the city :yes: and whether this colour really exists or what o.o*
    thanks tho!:heart:
  3. The chocolate colour does exist, but it's from 2005.

    Check out atelier.naff's blog - there's an entry about colours from each season.

  4. thx jadecee! you're just wonderful :yahoo:
  5. ^^
    np! Glad to help! I hope you find JUST the perfect shade of brown for you! :biggrin:
  6. fennel, not sure if I'm allowed to address this here, but...Diabro are legitimate sellers of Bbags. I purchased my Grenat Work from them. When buying from them and using Paypal, you need to make sure that the details on the account you set up with Diabro and Paypal MATCH EXACTLY, otherwise, this will cause delays. I had no problem in dealing with them; they were quite responsive whenever I emailed them. It took my Work all but 3 days to get to me in VA from Japan.

    Good luck!
  7. I have a chocolate day bag. It is a very dark, blackish brown with no undertones. A very neutral brown. Cafe is very dark, too but with warmer, reddish undertones.
  8. monsoon... If you don't mind me asking - what kind of customs fees did you get hit with when ordering from them?

    Thanks in advance!!
  9. I have 05 chocolate box. Very dark brown and gorgeous leather. Here is the close up of the bag. HTH.

  10. omg..yayaflower..this bag is sooooooo gorgeous..thx for sharing!!
    it looks like it has some undertones too..kinda purple-ish is that right?

    or am I just seeing things because I also hear that chocolate has no undertones :shrugs:
  11. yayaflower.. what a gorgeous bag... love it
  12. hmm.another question..
    so is cafe darker than chocolate then?:wondering
  13. Thanks yaya (woohoo we have similar username):yahoo: and fennelcake.
    No, I can't say my chocolate box have any undertones. It is just like a block of cadbury chocolate. I am yet to see cafe IRL, and from the pics they do look darker. I love the cafe as well but I already have chocolate so I didn't get any cafe.:sad: I was very fortunate to find my choc box brand new from the authorised retailer and that was at the end of last year.:yahoo:
  14. From the pictures of Cafe I've seen on eBay, I'd say it's a much darker shade (and closer to black) than chocolate is. I haven't actually seen cafe IRL, so this might be due to pictures.