Have you kept beloved CLs that were too big for you?

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  1. I've been looking for the purple suede declic 120 for so long and finally took a chance ( eBay) and got a size 38 hoping they would fit but they're too big. A 37 or 37.5 would have been better. I put in heel grips and my heels don't slide out but it's still a little big. And, there is still a slight noticeable gap between the shoe and my back heel when I am standing. It makes me slightly self-conscious that it looks like I'm wearing shoes that are too big for me (though it's true). Im scared they will stretch too.....

    Should I keep them and hope my size pops up on ebay? Have you made CL shoes that were too big for you work? How did you do it and does it "look big" on you/your frame. Thanks ladies!
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  2. I have a pair of Yoyo 85 that are half a size too big. I kept them because I put a pad in at the ball of the foot, and heel grips in the back. I think the lower heel height makes a difference too. Sometimes when I wear them my foot slips out as the back :sad: but otherwise it's fine.

    I had a pair of Decolletes that were a full size too big and ended up selling them. I tried padding them but it was no use since I couldn't walk in the shoes!

    Whatever you decide, good luck! :smile:
  3. Thanks! I'm still deciding...does it look like its too big for you though? I mean I have a small frame and I don't want it to be obvious that the shoes are too big for me or for it to look like my feet are big for my size because the shoes are bigger.
  4. I use to try to make a shoe work that was too big by adding all sorts of padding but half the time the padding made the shoes uncomfortable to wear. IMO, if after adding padding/heel grips the shoes are still too big, get rid of them. I ended selling shoes that were too big after almost falling out of them and onto my face! That has happened to women on the Forum and they'll tell you it's not pretty! Also, if you notice the gap, so will others. :smile:. Good luck!
  5. Take your shoes to a reputable cobbler. They'll let you know what can/cannot be done to help your situation. They always help me with shoes that are off by like a half size. Good luck!
  6. Short answer: yes. I have been purchasing CL's for some time now and the pairs that no longer fit me are some of my very first purchases. I remember purchasing the sequin Decollete's in a larger size and they were so loose on me 3 years ago, but now they fit great. I have to now think will this pair fit me long term?
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    IMO it depends on the style.

    I have a pair of Mamanouk bootie that is 0.5 size too big and I've kept it. Because it's a bootie I don't have problems wearing them and 0.5 size too big is manageable.

    Recently I got Armadillo Bride in a size 40. I am a 38.5/39 in NON-CL's and in CL's usually a 39-39.5 but I do have the Very Galaxy in a 40 and would not go for a 39.5 even if I could, they fit perfectly. The Armadillo Bride is impossible for me to manage. And I mean IMPOSSIBLE. It is minimum 1 full size too big, if not 1.5. So I would need a 38.5-39. If anything this style runs slightly larger, not in any case smaller. There is no way I could pad it enough, I can put like to fingers in the back and still have too much space in the front. So I'm trying to get rid of them and will get them in my size again.

    I would not advise you to keep them if they are still too big even after padding them. You have better chances selling them for a higher price if they are in a better condition. At least you don't feel any heel slippage now but I don't know, if they're almost 1 size too big maybe you will get it when actually wearing them out? I do have some shoes that are ok at home but when I really walk in them I start getting some heel slippage and I don't hate anything more than heel slippage, if I do have heel slippage I cannot walk at all. While one can manage a bit of heel slippage maybe with 80 I don't know how it can work with 120 shoes, at least for me it doesn't. When you wear such high shoes you really have to feel secure in them as they're usually even a struggle to walk in if they fit perfectly.

    I totally understand you not wanting to part with them, I've gone mad myself for the Armadillo Bride's, but while I think about a half size too big works pretty well with booties and boots I think with pumps it's a very tough way to go, especially if it's almost 1 full size too big. Plus yes they will stretch out.
  8. Yes until I find one in my right size. =)
  9. Yes. My camel patent VPs and my Apollo Brown Ron Rons are both a full size too big. I double pad. Ain't no way, no how I would let either rare classic go.
  10. Really a cobbler can help?? What kind of advice have they given you?
  11. Thanks for you opinion ladies! I love this forum, you are all so helpful!

    So for now, I've decided to keep them (as they are already pre-loved) and wait for my size to show up somewhere online, if it ever does. I put a ball of the foot petal in, a heel grip and the Hue 'Perfectly Bare Slingback' Sock Liner and it seems to be working well for now in the house, but I have yet to test it outside in real time.
  12. Half size with padding you can't tell. Full size too big and you will be able to see the gap at the back if you look closely.

    I really hope they work for you :smile: and if not, I hope a pair in your size comes up soon!
  13. yes.

    Try adding a pair of foot petals in addition to your heel pads