have you just randomly fallen out of love? [with your handbags/accessories

  1. :crybaby: i dont know if its because i caught the ebay bug when i saw those coach gold fish ripe for the selling, but next thing i know the only bags i want to keep are my fossil, burberry pouch and a couple of lesportsac..thats it? and half the stuff i havent even gotten around to use yet. even the stuff that i got so excited about finding.. why have i gotten so bored? the remains of my purse 'collection' sits lonely and awkward while the ones i want to get rid of just sit also awkwardly on my desk.. am i just being hasty? i dont want to regret it but i dont know what to do. having stuff i dont use bothers me but there was once a time i chose the stuff i brought home..:crybaby:

    EDIT:: uh oh can a mod move this from coach to hand bags and purses.. lol sorry!
  2. LOL I had the same thing happen with me with a lot of my purses.. at one point I had TONS of purses just sitting in my closet for no good reason other than I thought they looked pretty and bought it for the heck of it. I sold some of them off.. and now I'm a little more discriminating when it comes to buying purses. I won't buy it unless I can see myself actually USING it... but I still succumb to impulse buys here and there :angel:

    PS - the goldfish are cute!! I just got mine today and I adore it!
  3. If you don't love it, return it if you can or sell it. I have loved everything I had purchased so far. I don't use even 90% of them but I'm more of a collector than anything else.
  4. I have things I've bought that I haven't used (yet) mostly accessories. But I bought them because they are beautiful & I had to have them.
  5. ^^^ oooh i'm the same! I'm buy tons of stuff and use only 30% of everything! But I'm just happy to buy all of it and know I have it and simply look at it! haha
  6. welcome to the wonderful world of impulse buying where you totally get caught up in the moment and then reality hits...you shouldn't have bought it.

    I think it happens to all of us at some point but hopefully it doesn't happen too often.

    Or it can also be that your tastes have changed since your last round of major bag purchases. I always exercise a 2 week rule before buying anything ie I think about it for two weeks and if I still feel the same about it then I go for it. My pockets just aren't deep enough to justify thousands of dollars of impulse purchases
  7. I found an old photo of my collection from this time last year on my server, and I only own three of the bags I did then. And two of them, I'm selling.

    So, yes. :biggrin:
  8. Half of my purses in my closet are still not used. Sometimes I just lay them out on my bed and stare at my collection which I love. I bought most of them on sale so I couldn't really wait to decide if I should purchase or not. I think there was only one purse that I regret buying that I have thought about selling.
  9. me too!!!
    i guess we're just craving the feeling of WANTING something, u swear that it would be the only thing u want in this world, but once u had it, u just fallen in love with another un-own-able bags...
    and although u might not using them all, we are too sad to be parted with them.
    yes, that's what we called gluttony, and me too had to fight with my greed...
    oooh... HUMAN... :crybaby:
  10. The high for me is looking at a bag, trying it on (and oooooohing and aaaaaaaahing), and buying it. Then you know I gotta wear that bad boy for the next couple of days and then i kinda get over it too. But i'm not out of love w/ any of my bags...
  11. Me too!

    Though sometimes I will fall back in love again. :yes:
  12. lol see thats just the thing, it took me weeks to decide! every bag i always go back and forth till i can agree. i think its the latter reason, i think it has changed, from more mainstream to kind of diffferent finds that not everyone carries..
  13. I have the same when I look at my collection in the beginning of the year everything was LV and now 6 months later I just have one of them left, the others I sold to buy the bags I love. But even now I love my bags there are 2 which never see the light of day and I think about selling them so I can buy more Balenciagas.
  14. when i get that feeling, i know i did the wrong think by not using the bag (i usally tend not to use my beauties cause i dont want them to get dirty etc)!!
    And I find it really healing to get the bag out of the dust bag and use it like i never did before.. go shopping with it.. use it while travelling.. etc..
    I feel so happy when i do that.. and i came to know you wont feel how much u love your bag until you use it.
    And even after that.. if u dont feel anything, then you can say "it was only a crush, i should sell it.. etc.. for i dont really need it"
  15. thats a nice idea! i think im going to just sell, start a clean slate, i think i wanted more of quanity vs. love, so maybe ill sell and buy the baby stam?