Have you Heard?

  1. Has anyone had any experience with the ebay seller called...Authentic Lous Vuitton Always? My sister is interested in a few of the bags that are up for auction and was wondering if anyone has any info on that seller? thank you. Any help will be greatly appreciated!:heart:
  2. Her eBay ID is something different though, isn't it? I do recall that name.
  3. I am not sure Irene! I believe that is said a differnt name too like earlybirdy or something??? What do you know about that seller?
  4. I'm new here, but after reading all these threads I wonder why anyone buys from Ebay??? It just seems so risky!
  5. why i buy from ebay?
    honestly, i'm not rich, i worked hard for my bags & in order to get some bags that i wanted, a good deal on ebay is what i need. and also the availability, some bags that i like is not even produced anymore, and that's only available on ebay :P
  6. I was wrong, her eBay IS authentic.louis.vuiton.always
    I would assume that she is a pretty reliable seller. I haven't bought from her personally, but did hear from other people that they were happy with their transactions. Is there anything in particular your sister is looking for?
  7. Not all sellers are bad. You just have to do your homework and be careful. We also had a thread about great deals people scored on eBay and it was great to hear about all the $$$ people save buying on eBay.
  8. Thanks Irene! She is looking at the black MC speedy 30! She really cant afford the price at lv right now. There is a great deal that the woman from authentic louis vuttion always will give her, she can pay 900 for the bag, she is just worried because the leather trim and handles have already turned darker i told her that is the beauty of lv! Whats your thoughts?
  9. Personally, I like the patina (esp. on black MC bags). As long as it's not really dark/dirty handles, I am OK with it.:yes:
  10. Thanks. I believe it is not dirty, just a dark tanish color. Do you worry about the lv colors wearing off. I heard that is a common problem with lv mc.
    also if you dont mind, do you know anything about the lv ipod cases? what is the wide sceen ???
  11. I had no problems at all with the color wearing off and I dont baby my bags either!:nuts::shame: There is one tiny chip on one of the letters because I brushed the bag against the wall once by accident.
    I am sorry I can't help you with the iPod cases (I must be the only person on the planet who doesn't have one!:lol:).
  12. thanks Irene! you have been a great help!!
  13. Any time. Good luck to your sis with her purchases and don't hesitate to PM me if you ever need anything.:flowers:
  14. Some people I know shop eBay because of rare/discontinued items... ;)