Have you heard this about the new leather?

  1. I just got off the phone with a NM SA in Chicago who has helped me in the past with my Edith. I asked her to look for a mousse or whiskey paddy that was pebbly. I told her the one I got off the NM website was very smooth and not to my liking. She said they had changed the leather again and the new ones for F/W 06 and carrying into next year were smooth! She said that perhaps with mousse of whiskey she could find an older one that was pebbly. Have you heard this? Bummer if it is true!:Push:
  2. I am not surprised. They change leathers from year to year. It is really annoying. I notice that the leather starts to become smoother when it is mass produced (i.e. when it becomes very popular and the items have to be outsourced to manufacturers whose quality is not the same).

    First edition Ediths looked just like the ad campaigns....smooshy, wrinkley and pebbled. They had lots of scrumples (looked like waves going on the leather). The new season Ediths I have seen are very stiff with no pebbles or scrumples. Very disappointing.
  3. My chocolate Edith was perfect, but I returned it because I just didn't like how the handles worked for me. I have 1 yr old triplets and must be able to throw a bag over my shoulder! The paddy is perfect. Now not only can I NOT find a paddy, it looks like it may end up being smooth. The NM SA just called back....couldn't find a mousse of whiskey, and her records did not show that Chicago had ordered any Fall paddies. Again, another bummer...that is the closest city to me.
  4. I just got a charcoal Paddy from Chloe in NYC - less than 3 weeks ago. My leather is FAR from smooth - very pebbly. I'm sure you will be able to find one with that leather! lordguinny - my Edith is from the first edition - I pre-ordered from BG and got one of the first 50 whisky Ediths. The leather is wonderfully squishy - and get's better with use!
  5. Yeah, unfortanately when a bag gets really popular they mass produce them so the leather quality becomes odd (stiff and uncharacteristic).

    Chloe leather is the #1 reason why I purchase Chloe. It needs to be deliciously smooshy, pebbled and scrumpley for me to want it. Otherwise the shape is too boxy and formal. I think once they experience a dip in sale they'll go back to the original leather!

    Paddingtons and Ediths are relatively new so it looks like they are experimenting.
  6. Is it still possible to obtain models from 05' from a store? Or even on the internet?
  7. Bisbee, did you buy the charcoal paddy in the store or order it? Did they have many colors and paddys in stock. I live no where near a Chloe retailer and need to find a nice SA to track me down a good pebbly paddy! Do you love charcoal?? It is up there as one of my top choices but all the pics I see make it look black-although I know it is not. I just can't get a good feel for the actual color. Thanks!
  8. At Saks the other day they had two Paddys.
    One was a mousse color (I believe) and the other looked very much like juane.
    "Stiff and uncharacteristic" would be EXACTLY how I would describe how these bags felt. I think I actually made this face :yucky: which the SA did NOT appreciate.

    It was sort of a disappointment, considering that both bags carry a $1350 price tag and it made me REALLY appreciate the smooshy, pebbled leather on my paddys. :love:
  9. $1350? The lowered their price to the first season prices? I thought it was raised to $1500 or so....

    Stratsey, I love that face. If I was an SA I'd probably think it is cute. There are some smooshy and pebbly '06...(like my whiskey) but I think you have to search for them (or have a great SA who knows what a "good" one looks like).
  10. OMG, I'm gonna purchase a brand new Paddy this year and if the leather isn't smooshy or pebbled, then what's the point?!! I will be ordering it from LVR, so there's no way I can check it out in person beforehand!!

    Oh dear :sad:
  11. Not all 2006 paddingtons are stiff and non-smooshy. I have a 2006 whiskey paddington (photos attached) and it is quite pebbly, textured and "smooshy". The leather is thicker than the 2005's though. It is just that 2005 leather was pretty consistently smooshy and pebbly. The leather is also like butter. 2006 paddingtons seem to be a hit and miss.

    It's kinda like the first edition Ediths. Some were smooshy, wrinkled and scrumpled. Some were very smooth and stiff. It's no fun, but sometimes you have to order, reorder, order, etc. until you find the "perfect" one. If you are diligent than it is worth it. Its best to see them in person but sometimes the color you want might not be available. If you have a good SA they should be able to send you a desirable one. Hope that helps!

    Oh, btw, I notice that my 2006 leather gets more squishy and soft with use. Now it "slumps" just as much as my chocolate!
    whiskey1.jpg whiskey.jpg
  12. lordguinny, your whiskey paddy is simply lovely!

    Do you think LVR would entertain my request for a smooshy, pebbled Paddy if I asked them?

    I don't think I would be in a position to keep buying & returning until I find the perfect paddy. As it is, I'm not sure if I would have to pay a duty to M'sian Customs for a purchase from LVR. Returning/reshipping back to LVR would be a nightmare.
  13. No - I ordered it - I spoke to Macy. I didn't specifically ask her about the leather - I guess I lucked out - it's just as pebbly as the most pebbly pictures on this board! As for color - I really love it - it's definitely not black, but it is dark - think of a dark grey coat! Not dark like some navy bags or shoes that are SO dark you mistake them for black...I hope that helps! :yes:
  14. I just paid $1540 from the Chloe boutique in NYC.
  15. I am certain the $1350 was a typo for $1530. The prices do vary $5 to $10 from here to there.