Have you heard of this bag?

  1. One of my co workers says she saw a Coach bag with rhinstones? (sp?) :shrugs: I don't think I've seen one before. Does one exsist?
  2. I've seen beaded gallery totes, but nothing with rhinestones off the top of my head.

    Pic from eBay:

  3. oooh coach + sequins.. very cute!
  4. [​IMG]

    could it be the Studded gallery tote with the shinybeads instead of rhinestones?

  5. Isn't there a gallery tote with rhinestones around the top? from 2 years ago? or am I thinking of beads?
  6. There are a few actually:
    [​IMG]also in black[​IMG]I'll see which others I can find.
  7. ^^^ I have that Soho studded hobo. Although it looks like they could be rhinestones, they're not. They are just shiny silver studs.
  8. I think there was an anniversary Soho satchel (2004 or 2005?) that had swarvski (spell?) crystals that I saw on eBay once.
  9. No she was talking about a tote, since I had my sig stripe tote, and she pointed to the top of the bag.
  10. last years beaded tote had the beads at the top. The beaded totes the year before that the going down the sides like the picture posted above. The beads do looks like rhinestones somewhat.