Have you heard of "Scented Crystal Rocks"

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  1. Year after year, I see these scented crystal rocks and I have yet to purchase any. Has anyone tried them? Do they really have a lasting scent? Is it weak/strong?
    I would love to hear what anyone has to say about them.

    Here is a pic of one type:
  2. Yes, I have the Elton John Rocks. They smell great. I have them in my closet. I opened them up about three months ago and they still smell!
  3. Yup...I had the lavender one. it smelled so good and it really lasts...they'll also give u something(scented oil) which u pour on the rocks, every other week or something,and mix the rocks up to refresh the scent...
  4. Sounds like something I'd like. Where do you get them?