Have you heard of Purse Currency?

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  1. Have you ever heard of purse currency?

    Well neither have I.

    However, this is how sick and twisted I have become with my obsessive behaviour towards handbags. Everything I buy which is a necessity, I count in bag money.

    For instance, I have a very expensive course I am currently taking. I fret at how much I have to spend. Mind you, this is all for the better, later down my windy road.

    Groceries, you know food because we all need it to survive. I glance at my grocery bill with a horrified facial expression. I think to myself, well there would be a nice bag (insert your favourite designer here). It has taken over my world. Items that I know I need, but cause me grief, because they are interfering with my purse funds. I pout, thinking about all the lovely handbags that could take the place, of those pesky things called life’s daily survival supplies. :hysteric:
  2. we were talking about going on holidays with my SO and i cringed inside when i saw the prices...isnt it better to stay at safe cosy home and just spend it on the bags instead?:s

    We also bought a new TV a month ago and I just felt like pulling the money out fo SA`s hands and running off to Balenciaga pronto... TV prices are ridiculous I tell ya!:rolleyes:
  3. ^^^^:lol:^^^^^
    Anyone else guilty of this?:Push:
  4. Well, you know I am, Pink. :lol: But we just got the TV and a bag. :tup:

    I do this all the time, seriously. At least I'm not snatching the actual food out of DH and SS's mouths yet. Their time is coming.

    Kidding! :okay:
  5. I used to do this all the time...however, I am now finally starting to think in terms of 'Ouch that grocery bill could have paid a credit card' or 'That grocery bill was half a ticket to Orlando', etc.!
  6. Yup. I'll say oh, so its a Louie...or a Balenciaga...or a Chanel...or a Gucci...

    My dad likes to make fun of my purse habit. I tell him he will thank me one day when the apocalypse comes and the only currency on the planet is purses.
  7. ^ :lol:
  8. ^^^You owe me in purse currency:graucho:

  9. LOL!!!!!!
  10. I just bought a Mac and thought "well, I could have bought a handbag with that!"
  11. :lol:

    Guilty of thinking of holiday expenses in purse currency :shame:
  12. I do the reverse - if I balk at the price of a nice appliance of piece of furniture, I remind myself that I can easily spend that same amount of $ on a bag without batting an eye, so it's all relative.