Have you had your colours done? What are you?

  1. This is a styling method that decides, based on your skin tones, what colours look best on you. You can take it one step further and find out your style too which is based on body shape and personality preferences.

    I had mine a while ago so I knew I was a winter, because my skin has a green undertone to it (olive maybe a better nonmartian way of saying that!):lol: .
    It means I can wear black, white, reds with blue undertones, but not oranges or most yellows. I'm actually a jewel tone winter, so the colours have to be bright, icey and sparkley.
    My "style" was Romantic Classic, so I can wear boho well (thank goodness), and tailored, but no sharp lines, more ruffley, think Carmen! I really like what I ended up with, although at my age, it wasn't a great surprise.

    Anybody else?
  2. I’ve never had that done professionally but I try the online kind of thing I even purchased a little booklet of colored fabric to take with me to the store when buying clothing. I must have been total off base when evaluating my self because the colors they choose for me made me look sick.:sick:
  3. :lol:
    What did you think and what were the colours?
  4. Where would I go to have this done, is it online?
  5. My stepmum took me to have this done, and I was a "Winter."

    I do agree with the colours they suggested for me--I'm really fair with dark hair, and they suggested gemstone colours, white, chocolate brown, colours like that. I do wear those colours.

    It was kind of neat!
  6. I had mine done in person, but it would be cool to see it online!
  7. This is the place I went to for “my color makeover”


    It’s probably pretty good if you can pick the right Characteristic for yourself. I obviously could not. I even bought some of the makeup big mistake.

    I lost the booklet but some of the colors I can remember were tomato red, a turquoise and a pale yellow. These are so not my colors.
  8. I had my colors done back in the late 80's when it was all the rage along with my mom and my auntie. we are all warms. to this day I still use those colors as a guideline to feel fabulous!
  9. Wow, they still do this. I had my colors done when I was 13. I am a summer. I don't really follow it though as I wear mostly black.
  10. No I haven't. It used to be done in the early 90s, right? There was a book or something called "Colour me Beautiful" or something like that?
  11. I haven't done it yet. I would like to know, I'll do it in person.
  12. I don't know my color...and got a recent haircut/color, am NOT loving it. Sniff.
  13. I had this done when I was a teenager. I am a Fall or Autumn.
  14. I'm a winter. I already knew my best colors, and confirmed this by looking online. Jewel tones. All the dark rich colors that you can't find in summer :mad:

    The Color Me beautiful book is still out-there are two. I got them to check out whatever other colors I could branch out with.
  15. I am an Autumn/Fall. Warm colors.