have you had Quality issues with your MFF bags?

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Have you had a problem with a MFF bags?

  1. I have never had a problem with my MFF

  2. I had a problem but let it go because it wasn't that expensive of a bag

  3. I had a problem and returned the bag

  4. I had a problem and they fixed the bag

  5. I don't buy MFF

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  1. After reading an earlier post that asked this question, I figured it should be it's own thread!

    Have you had a quality issue with any of your MFF bags?

    What problem did you have?
  2. I do not tend to by MFF but buy many of my family members do and I do have some.. We have never had an issue with these bags.. My sister recently purchased the MFF that looks like the Maggie and she loves it.. The leather is super soft and the bag is really well made..
  3. My MFF holds up better than my FP.
  4. I've have/had a few MFF bags and accessories over the past few years and never had any problems so far.
  5. I had a siggy MFF Zoe and the leather on the strap started to rip, where the stiching was, so I just exchanged it for another, no issues.
  6. Never any issues. The leather sways seems more durable than my fp bags.
  7. I agree that the MFFs are usually more durable than the FPs, actually.

    My MFF graphite Zoe could withstand a nuclear firestorm. She rocks.
  8. Leather wise, MFF is fine. My gunmetal Zoe is not flaking or anything...it's perfect. (ETA: HAHAcosmo!)

    Fabric/pvc wise, though...I have fraying issues and fast-wear on corners and handles.

    I try not to buy mff, because I can use that money for FP and get something I LUST after instead of just want. ;)
  9. I tend to think that any jaquard will have wear issues which is why IO tend to stay away from it. I think the proof is in the pudding here that MFF bags DO have FAR LESS ISSUES!!! What's UP with that Coach????
  10. I haven't had any issues with my MFF bags either and some seem to be better made than a few of my FP bags. Go figure! I was in the outlets a couple of weeks ago and excitedly found 6 crock Alexandras. Thought I hit the jackpot but on closer inspection every one of them were peeling down on the corners. I ended up buying 2 MFF bags and am very happy with my purchases.
  11. I missed out on the FP Zoes but I got a MFF leather version over the summer. I love this bag so much because I don't really baby it and it's holding up very well. OK, it doesn't have the fancy buckles that the original one did but the leather is a good quality. I liked it so much that I went back and got 2 other colors.
  12. It has been several years (2005-2006) since I have purchased a MFF bag from Coach, but out of the three bags that I own, they never had any issues whatsoever. It does make you scratch your head as to why there is less issues with them.
  13. I have some stitching coming undone on my MMF Zoe. I just sent her in last week.
  14. yes the zippers are crap...
  15. When my MFF Graphite Zoe (14706) faded on the band, I just exchanged it for another because I love it that much. No problems with this one. Material seems to be a little more durable than the first one.