Have you had fat injections? A quick Q plz

  1. If you have ever had fat injections, this question is for you. How long after the injections was your face bruised for? Also, how bad was the bruising? These two questions are of the utmost importance so that time off from work can be scheduled - don't want to go to work with black and blues.

    Thanks so much for answering these two very very important questions. I really appreciate it.
  2. I almost forgot, the appt. is in two weeks.
  3. well, I was about to ask about fat injections - but decided to search first...

    How was your appt? Where did you get the fat injected?

    I am curious about this for top of the cheekbones, to plump back up the lower eye area.

    If anyone else had this done please share your story too!! :smile:
  4. I've had fat taken from my thigh and put into my cheeks. Sounds gross. Ok, it is gross. But I'm happy with the results. I went to a Bev Hills plastic surgeon (he's on the tv show Dr 90210). There was no downtime. I went back to work the following day but I looked puffy. After about a week all of the swelling went down. It's been five years and my cheeks still look the same.
    I'd do it again.

    Good luck if you decide to do it. Keep us posted.