Have you had bad experiences at LV Boutiques?

  1. Argh, so mad. I was just in Atlantic City a few weeks ago and wanted to look at the Love ligne tote. Well...I went to grab it on the shelf, no SA was there.

    And this burly security guard came running over, grabbed my arm, and informed me I needed a SA to hand it to me and I wasn't allowed by the shelves.

    Well....I was so mad. If I shouldn't be touching them, than you better man your station at all times.

    He treated me like gutter trash. I was wearing Chanel shoes and had an obvious Chanel purse. Plus I was holding out my LV Vernis wallet as I had just paid for something at a prior store.

    Obviously I was in a shopping mode....I've had another similar experience at the Beverly Center store.

    Haha..maybe its just me? But still...he shouldn't be grabbing me.
  2. I was at the LV in NM yesterday, and before I went into the LV part, my SA was showing me new stuff from toher designers. he was amazing and so helpful...but I was seriously pissed that a security guard followed us around. As if I was going to steal a bag right under an SA's nose! The guard would inch closer and closer when I would try on bags. Seriously. I hate the way they do that. Just because I'm not some stuffy old woman covered in Cartier diamonds does not mean that I am a poor teenager who wants to steal purses. Yeah so i wasn't dressed to the nines (i had just come from work..I do research in a science lab with gross chemicals, so I don't bother wearing nice clothes). Thankfully the security guard left before I went into LV...surprisingly there was no awkward activity at LV! Just me and the SA who gave me prompt service.
  3. The worst I have had is just the SA acting like they are being put out to help me. The SA at one particular store near me have an attitude, and are snooty.. which I just don't get as they are just sales people.. honestly whats the big deal?! But the security guards have always been super nice guys! They are big burly men, who always smile and actually greet me and say goodbye as I leave the store. Which is more than I can say for the SAs!!
  4. Wow I always go grab things off the shelves lol I am quite impatient and they are always very nice and the security guards well I never even notice them!
  5. hehe my bad experience when SAs are OVERBEARING when im shopping!

    sometimes i like to go on and just play...and like try stuff on and think about it

    but i dont have questions but they keep askign and asking and i feel bad because i KNOW im not going to buy anything :sad: i feel bad hehe
  6. The first time I touched a LV was in NYC and I grabbed one and the SA came over and took it from me and told me I had to ask first to have one shown to me. My DH and I kind of giggled because we didn't know the protocol. But I have since learned and I always ask to see a particular bag first. This doesn't bother me at all....I understand and comply.
  7. Only once, and it wasen't really bad, just not "good". The Sas kept more to themselves. But that accounts for a VERY smalle amount of my visits per centage wise. So I must say I*m VERY happy with the service of LV.
  8. Lol, the bags are so far away from where you stand it's impossible to grab one at my store. The only things you can touch are the scarfs and vintage trunks!

    But yes, the second time i went into my boutique my friends and I were completley ignored for 20 mins! And there were about 3 SAs free, it wasn't busy they were just waiting for us to steal something!
    Say no more, I wrote a letter of complaint and I have had fantastic service ever since!
  9. mhm. my first and only boutique experience. was at copley in boston. i was there for a concert and was dying to stop into lv. im in my early 20s and when im not really going anywhere i wear Abercrombie. I love abercrombie. they pretty much looking down on me and no one would really help me. which was ****ty because i had gone there with the intent of buying a large bag.

    oh well. when i order over the phone or online, theres no tax.

    all the lvs are too far away to develop a SA relationship. but i often think about calling a LV like a NY one and keep buying with one sa to develop something. and then sometime go in.

  10. I have had intimidating experiences from LV SA's but not as far as grabbing my arm. I've only been to 3 LV boutiques, LV in Las Vegas Forum, Rodeo Drive, & Champs-Elysees. The LV in Vegas to me is the most relaxing---I can touch basically anything within reach & try on shoes and no SA stopped me. I expected the SA stuck up attitude in Rodeo Drive & Champs-Elysees but Rodeo Drive turned out to be quite friendly down to the security guards--they do greet & smile to customers. Now, Champs-Elysees is the opposite. So, I was forced to throw my stuck up attitude as well. I told my now SA about other LV SA's rudeness and basically told him that--I once told a rude SA that I'm here to buy not to look.
  11. I have had many bad experiences at my local Saks LV. The worst being when I was told that the LE patchwork speedy I was considering was 'non-returnable' because 'all wait list items are non-returnable'. WHAT? I KNOW that isn't true but I let it go. Didn't buy the bag. I knew a LV boutique was opening soon in our newest shopping mall. Haven't been back to Saks LV since. LOVE the SA's in the new boutique.
  12. I have not purchased an LV yet (hopefully it'll be happening this year), but my DD and I go and look at them all the time. Honestly, the LV SA's have been the nicest of most of the stores we go into. We were in Manhattan last October and went into every single high end store, and we looked like total crap that day. Not dressed nicely, and we had been rained on so we looked horrible. We weren't treated badly anywhere, and the nicest two places were LV and Tiffany. We were both totally amazed at how nice everyone was.
  13. My SAs have been above par for the most part.

    I was in the store last week and one girl did kind of act like she really didn't have time for me. I guess since I am in there alot they have become relaxed around me.

    Others have asked me to come back and "play" with the bags and shoes.

    I love my store! :woohoo:
  14. My last visit to the Lenox Mall LV in Atlanta was great & the security guard was very nice, this was after previous visits that weren't so great.
    I'm happy they are getting their s*** together there.
  15. Never had a bad experience at LV boutique, staff always very gracious