Have you guys seen this one before?!?

  1. Hello everyone, I just got back from holt renfrew and as I posted in another thread I am able to get 25% off bbags...so I was saying how I wanted a large bag for work..so some of you replied telling me to get the "work" (makes sense) anyway they didn't have any there so I decided to purchase one (it comes on mon) I don't really know the name and would like to see a pic on the internet...it's similiar to the work but has no zipper and the handles are larger to put on your shoulder..which is the main reason I got this one..I can't fit the handles on my shoulder on the other bags...it also has 4 studs on the front..the same as the weekender...does anyone know the name of this bag? Please help!
  2. THE SHOPPING (discontinued after FALL/WINTER 2006 COLLECTION)

    Does it look like this?...

  3. yes, it's the shopping! Great choice and very cute and flattering style. Congrats!
  4. i like the shopping! congrats :yahoo:
  5. :yahoo:Congrats and welcome!:yes:
  6. congrats I like that style! it will work well for what you're going to use it for!
  7. YESS that's it..thank you SOOO much...you girls are always SOO helpful I love it here!! lol
  8. wow such a cute bag! :love:
  9. There is one now on eBay but i think is in rouge color...understand this is a discontinued style, if u really see this, u shld buy this since it's rare to appear.......:smile:
  10. Really?! I didn't know it was discontinued...I am trying it out..I get it next week..Then I can decide if I want the work!
  11. oooh im sure you will want work - as well as the shopping ! :graucho: ;)
  12. ^^ LOL to be honest...I have the DAY right now and was just out at the mall with it earlier today and was like....wow this bag is crazy and I can't get over the leather...so I've official fallen into balenciaga land...a couple years ago I would have never thought that i'd actually spend over 1200 dollars on a bag! But what can you do!:smile: