Have you guys seen this - Jimmy Choo founder sues mother for $10 million

  1. Page Six of NY Post has even more interesting details.
  2. I saw that earlier today....it is sad, what kind of Mom is she?? :yucky:
  3. I'm sure we don't know the whole story. But why do they have to drag up Tamara's love interests (not good choices, though) and say she is "man hungry?" Man hungry? Who wrote that? A nun?
  4. I know! "The man-hungry founder"....and when was the last time you read an article about a male CEO that began, "the skirt-chasing founder"? :hysteric::hysteric::hysteric:
  5. Is the post like the Star or Enquirer? I don't know much about Tamara Mellon, but c'mon! Things are so one sided.
  6. Sounds like an episode of Cashmere Mafia!
  7. what a disappointment.
    I've seen her mom in person - she is beautiful, ex-chanel model who's very poised.
    sure home they work things out smoothly and get on with a good relationship.
  8. I hardly know all the details but I must say I am slightly disgusted by Tamara...um, she's got millions coming at her from everywhere: Vidal Sassoon, the Mellon fortune, and her own successful Choos. Does she really need that $5 million "for her daughter"? I'm sure her daughter's already very well provided for. Seems a little greedy to me. JMO.
  9. Why is it greedy for Tamara to want back money that is hers? I don't think it should matter if it's $10 or $10 million, if her mom got it by accident, she should return it. And it doesn't sound like the mom is living in abject poverty by any definition. I realize that there are many details missing, so I'm just going by what's in the article.
  10. This is sooo sad. I was expecting more from Ms. Tamara Mellon than everything I read from the two articles. At least she could be more gracious and poised about a family matter. Seriously, it's her own mother..
  11. ^That's exactly what I am trying to say. It's sad that they can't resolve this in private and have to resort to lawsuits. I don't think any of them are exactly hurting for money. $5 million to them is probably chump change.
  12. I'm reserving judgement on the situation. Most of us were raised to respect our parents and elders unconditionally. But I've seen some truly awful people with no moral compass who just happen to be moms and dads. If this is a simple refusal to give something back that doesn't belong to her, it is a shame it couldn't be worked out. But, I'm sure there is more at play than we all know.