Have you guys seen the new Toki sweater on ebay?

  1. The bastardino one?

    Do you guys think it's cute :biggrin:

    I think it's adorable.. Do you think Metropark will eventually have it? (Or more sellers on eBay will have it?) I want it, but I don't know if I should wait and see, or just buy the one off eBay right now.
  2. Do you mean the hoodie? JapanLA has new holiday Tokidoki clothing up on their website. You can check out the blog she shows pics of the different items. If it is the one I'm thinking it says Tokidoki across the front with bastardino and on the back is bastardino and sandy.
  3. I :heart: both the new Bastardino hoodie and the brown and white striped Sandy henley. I am definitely asking for both for Christmas. :p
  4. xD! Yaaa I 'm talking about the bastardino hooodie. Thanks for the info BLACKWIDOW :biggrin: What's JapanLAs site?

    gabesmommy: yay!! I'm not a bigggggg fan of the striped sandy one, but it's still cute!
  5. Someone saw that one in a Metropark before it was on JapanLA's site..and eBay, I think. A Metropark in CA, if that's where you are.. I wish I had those stores. :s
  6. I saw it and I think it's CUTE! I'm also sure that it will be widely available at all of the usual shops very soon.