Have you guys seen MJ Trish recently?

  1. Hi-

    Have you guys seen Marc Jacobs Trish recently?

    I love all work by Marc Jacobs and love him, but I could not buy his bags because mostly they are so heavy, but when I looked at Trish first time, wow I thought that it is a perfect bag..
    But I missed it and looking for the bag now, but it seems they are already gone and out of shelves, so I could not find it anywhere... :sad:
  2. Have you tried calling a Marc Jacobs boutique?
  3. there is an authentic one listed on eBay right now. here's the link: http://cgi.ebay.com/MARC-JACOBS-DARK-BROWN-TRISH-BAG-SELLING-AT-COST_W0QQitemZ230161239907QQihZ013QQcategoryZ63852QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem.

    just to be completely safe, you might want to ask the seller for pictures of the back of the zipperheads. they should be lampo. the starting price and shipping cost is high unfortunately, but if you do get to contact the boutiques only to find that they're all sold out, at least there's one available on eBay. it's in chili too, which was one of my favorite colors that came out in the striping line. i hope everything works out for you!
  4. I was completely in love with this bag too! I haven't seen it around lately, only on eBay like tadpolenyc showed, but it is still sooo pretty!
  5. Thanks tadpolenyc, Melly and yesther! :heart:

    I guess I need to call MJ boutiques this week. I hope I can find one for me..

    After reading many threads on tPF, I decided not to buy any bag from ebay because I know I am not MJ expert, and I can be fooled by fakes so easily...
    But it seems ebay is the only place that I can find Trish now if I don't have any luck from boutiques.. :crybaby:
    I requested seller to send me more pictures, so I will update it on 'Authenticate this' thread. :smile:

  6. Good Luck!!
  7. hey, i just saw two mj trish on ebay and they look authentic, check them out. good luck