Have you guys ever seen this?

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  1. Wore my purse for the first time yesterday. Today, I have her in the passenger seat and I see some creases on the leather strap where it goes on my shoulder. Anyone ever see this? Normal?

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  2. Have you checked your bag before purchase or even after? Maybe it was there from the beginning and you haven't notice it directly? Can you still exchange it ? It shouldn't happen when you wear it the first time.. My guess is that it was there from the beginning ..
  3. Looks normal to me, especially if it's been worn. My neverfull is like this in one place, but the vachetta isn't very wide so you can't tell.
  4. It shouldn't do that - at least I've never seen it in that particular place on the leather. I'd return it :sad:
  5. Was it already there when you bought the bag? My Delightful has this on the underside of the strap even after wearing it only once. I thought it was just normal leather behavior where it's bent on my shoulder.
  6. My friend has a Delightful in mono and her strap went a bit like that within a month of ownership. It seemed to be linked with how the strap settles when not in use. Apparently the thickness of the leather can vary slightly along the hide and that is the main cause. However on a bag at this price point, it is disappointing and shouldn't really happen.
  7. Did you hang it on a doorknob? I made that mistake with my Delightful, but it doesn't bother me. Leather is going to crease a little when it bends.
  8. It's leather. It bends when you use it.