Have you guys ever carried the beauty cases like a clutch?

  1. Always in the description on the beauty cases say that they can also be used as a clutch. Have you done this before?

  2. I haven't seen it...but I bought the scarf print one from earlier this year for that very purpose!
  3. That must look soo cute! Do you have a pict carrying it?
  4. Nope...haven't done it yet....I'm in my PJs already today (not cute ones) but I can take one for you and post it probably on Thursday night (out of town tomorrow).
  5. I have never thought of that. I like the idea of carrying the beauty case as a clutch.
  6. Thanks Shellbell! Appreciate it. If I opt for this instead of the bag, then I could also use this with my incoming messenger which would be another plus.

    Purplekitty, I wasn't interested personally before with the beauty cases, but with the stripes, and it not saying coach basically I really like the idea!
  7. the beauty cases almost seem more practical as clutches to me...fits more stuff, no?
  8. yeah and cheaper, the zoe clutch is cute, but to me its unpractical for the price and size when you could get the same print cheaper and more roomy.
  9. I use my large cosmetics case as my little "gym" bag so I don't have to mess with a locker. It fits my keys, Sidekick, drivers license and debit card:smile:

    It is a great thing to use it for IMHO :smile:
  10. i use my sig. stripe beauty case as a clutch sometimes. i can put my wallet, phone, keys and SKII in there.
  11. Wow...I wouldn't have thought you could get that much in there...thats awesome!
  12. Oh yeah..I do all the time..We spend every weekend during the summer on our boat..If I'm in a hurry in the a.m. (which is always the case!) I'll throw some cash, my cell phone, my lipstick etc in a case I bought a few years ago...and just carry it in my hand or slip it in my jacket pocket to go to breakfast...Works great and isn't cumbersome....I hate to lug a purse around the marina when it's so hot out! :heart: Emmy
  13. it holds a lot, plus it has a pocket. but i don't use a regular wallet...i should have made that a bit more clear. i use my damier cles and a mini skinny as a wallet.

    here are some pics...
    beautycasein.jpg beautycaseinside.jpg
  14. awesome!
  15. I haven't thought of this.. maybe this would be a good idea since my actual clutch fits like next to nothing !