Have you "grown" to love a particular style of handbag?

  1. I guess this is a follow up thread to the "3 factors". It would seems one of the top factors for buying a handbag is the style of the handbag. There must be hundreds, if not thousands of styles of handbags out each season. So for us to put down our hard-earned $$$ for a piece of the action, we must "love it". I guess a lot of ladies here commented on "love at first sight".

    But, have you "learned" or 'grew" to love a handbag?? Have you ever thought "Ugh, this handbag is ugly" at first sight, but after you seeing it and feeling it over and over again, you start to like it even love it? Are we "brainwashed" by the advertisement campaign?

    How often do you "fall in love" at first sight, and how often does the love have to be nurtured?

    I must admit, the love for Chloe has been nurtured/surpressed for a long long time until I joined the forum. And when this nurtured love blossoms.....it is explosive/addictive!:yahoo:
  2. I totally agree with you....I even notice that when I fall in love at first sight it means that the bag is very striking and different. Most of the time that means its not classic and that turns me off of buying an expensive bag.

    The funny thing is that the Edith did not tickle my fancy at all and then it slowly started to grow on me and now I am just soo helplessly inlove:heart::heart::heart:.......
  3. I, too, agree, Chloe has grown on me, especially since joining this forum. I didn't care for Silverado, Betty or Edith, and now I own all three. When Edith first appeared on the handbag scene, I couldn't understand all the fascination, then slowly I came around, purchased my first in whiskey, and now I own 2 regular Ediths and one tall Edith. I've grown to appreciate the quality and classic lines and it's now one of my favorite bags.