Have you grown tired of skinnies?

  1. I was just wondering about this whilst talking to my friend. Have you grown out of wearing skinny jeans? I have been wearing them since winter 2005 and now I really feel like I am over them. I think that skinnies are more casual whilst the high waisted 70s trouser look is more formal and classy. It is really weird as I am 16 and wanting to wear clothes a lot older for my age but I hate casual clothes, my motto is if you can make yourself look sophisticated and classy why would you wear casual clothes? So what do you think; is the skinny jean OVER?
  2. I still really love my skinny jeans. I have true religion skinny jeans in blue and black. Also 7 for all mankind skinny in white. I like how these jeans are just perfect to tuck in knee high boots, which I wear almost everyday during winter.
  3. i like them, will keep wearing them! haven't tried any on, but don't find high waisted attractive from what i've seen
  4. I still like them, but they are not the only style I wear. I wore my 7 trouser legs today and mostly wear bootcut.
  5. No. Love em.
  6. Actually, I refused to go there...so the sooner they are gone the better...lol...
  7. Skinny jeans look perfectly disgusting when worn by non-skinny people like me.
  8. well you don't necessarily have to look so casual when wearing skinny jeans. u can def. glam up the outfit. i like em.
  9. not sick of them yet!
    makes my short, boy-ish body look taller and more curvy!
  10. i love hopes & fears!
    my fav. song is can't stop now... will never get sick of it!
  11. I love them. :smile:
  12. Nope! I'm loving my skinnies more than ever before. Perfect w/ ballet flats, heels, and boots. I have several pair, but my perennial favorites are True Religion Julie and J Brand 12".

    And now I'm into skinny crops for Spring.
  13. not yet...
  14. They're not over. You can dress 'em down (ballet flats) or up (killer stilletos)...and they're classy either way.
  15. No. I still love them.