Have you gotten your Gryson?

  1. I picked up my Gryson "Olivia" bag in military green, i am so in love! :love: have you gotten yours yet?
  2. Wow, congratulations! Can we see some pics? :nuts:

    Also, how soft is the leather? It's so difficult to tell from online pics alone!
  3. omg!! your so lucky!! I am still waiting for mine, can you post your pictures!
  4. I don't have my camera with me, but the leather is amazing. It is really soft, and looks just beaten up enough. the lining is the most beautiful chocolate brown suede. i will take pictures soon!
  5. Sounds yummy! Congrats again! :yahoo:
  6. Pics please! Sounds pretty! How does it compare to Marc Jacobs in terms of the quality?
  7. I finally took some pics! (hey are not great, though)
    I like the quality better than my Marc bags. the leather is much softer.
    gryson 015.jpg gryson 016.jpg gryson 017.jpg
  8. Thanks for posting your pictures. I really like your bag. The leather looks really soft.
  9. :nuts: wowza! I didn't think too much of these bags until seeing your pics! That bag looks absolutely fabulous on you!!! :yes: Thanks for the pics and congrats! ;)
  10. LOVE it! It's so gorgeous; you must be thrilled! :yahoo: Is it heavy at all to carry? It looks like one of those bags that I'd be filling with so much stuff, only because I could!

    After your comments on the softness of the leather and a really good closeup in the latest Neimans catalog, I finally put in an order for one yesterday. I ordered the chocolate Olivia, and even though it says it is in stock, I have a feeling I won't be getting it until mid-August like everyone else (they haven't even processed the order yet!). after seeing these pics, I know I did the right thing!

    enjoy your new baby and congrats again!!!:P
  11. wow milton, the bag looks amazing on you! I cant wait to get mine..
  12. Gorgeous:love: I love the colour!
  13. oooh it's amazing... it looks like balenciaga leather's?
    congrats :yahoo:
  14. Wow, love it! I'm loving how that looks on you.
  15. now i'm waiting for my skye in white and my sophie in black!
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