Have you gotten your architeks or magenta simple pumps yet? What do you think?

  1. My CL black/red architeks arrived yesterday (the nude/gold ones are still on preorder) and my magenta simple pumps came today.

    The architeks are pretty much what I expected. From the front, they look just like the no prives, but the cut out back is lovely.

    The magenta simple pumps are brighter and more vibrant than I expected. The color on the Saks website is almost a dusty rose, but the shoes are brighter and more magenta in person. They're not a color I would normally wear, but simple pumps are just heaven on (so comfortable and they make my ugly feet look elegant) - so I haven't decided yet whether or not to keep them.

    Anyone else gotten theirs yet? What do you think?
  2. pics??? i'm really curious to see the magenta simple pumps now that you say they are a lot brighter than the Saks photo. mine will not arrive until next week!!
  3. This picture doesn't capture the color perfectly, but it's the best I can get with my camera phone. It's taken in the sunlight - they look a little darker out of the light.
  4. I like the color of the magenta simple pumps, very pretty. Mine haven't shipped yet.

    Shoecrazy, let's see modeling photos. I am sure that they look lovely on you. I think the simple pumps are the perfect shoe, and the 85mm heel is very manageable, especially for people that don't wear high heels all the time.

    I absolutely love the black/red architeks, but don't care for the nude ones.
  5. Love that color!!

    Congrats to all of you who got a pair! :shame:
  6. Wow, that's a STUNNING AND CLASSY shade of magenta! I normally don't like wild colors like magenta but that is one perfect shade right there.....hmm now I'm contemplating getting a pair.
  7. The more I look at it.. I think it's pretty much the same color as the Fuschia Rolandos, no?

    (maybe a slight difference because of the material..)
  8. WOW! The shipment was fast! I'm kicking my self for not getting the magenta and the black/red combo Artchitek.

    Modelling pics please....
  9. the magentas are nice, but a bit too bubblegum.

    magenta has more purple in it, and as someone else mentioned, these are very fuschia. i was wanting old school balenciaga magenta, but oh well! saved me some green!
  10. i got mine in!!!!
  11. Model pics!!!
  12. my magenta simple pump came in yesterday and I love them dearly. i have the python simple pump and love them to death and found that these simple pump with lower heel are so much more comfortable. i am definitely keeping them for sure!
  13. omg they are so pretty they are more fuschia then magenta i have a pair of magenta cl's and they are more purple. I kinda wish i hadn't bought my magenta ones so i could get these
  14. How pretty! I love those!!!
  15. I absolutely love these! Everyone is right though, it is more of a fuchsia, but I don't care cause they look great!!!:p