Have you gotten a fake on e-bay? What did you do?

  1. My mom was being sweet and bought me a wristlet off e-bay. When she got it, she noticed it was definitely a fake. Has this happened to you? What did you do? I know that she'd like her money back, but I'd like it destroyed so that the seller can't sell it again. When you report a fake, do you have to return it in order to get your money back? Luckily, she paid with PayPal. Also, if I take it to a Coach store so that they can 100% confirm it's fake, do they keep it or will they give it back to me to return to the seller if you have to.
  2. Sorry that happened, especially when your mom was trying to be so nice! First, while I understand why you'd want to, DO NOT destroy it - fake or not, it's still the seller's property and if you want a refund, you will have to return his/her item to get it. Coach won't authenticate per se, but an SA might be able to give an opinion on its autheticity. They wouldn't keep it though.

    I would first try to get a refund through the seller and then if that doesn't work, go through paypal (at that point, if your mom used a cc, I would involve them too).

    I hope this helps. Good luck!
  3. Do you have the auction number?
  4. I never got a fake off eBay but I did at one of those purse parties. The girls selling the purses said they were all real over and over again. I ended up buying the denim patchwork wristlet from '06 and thought it was real for a while until I grew suspicious. I brought up eBay auctions to compare and noticed that mine was definitely fake. I paid $45 for it with tax. I'm thinking about contacting my friend who hosted the party to let her know I got a fake and that she probably did too. She bought like 4-5 purses. Do you guys think I should try to return it or just keep it and not say anything?
  5. I once bought a fake but it was my fault as the auction never stated the item was authentic ( I was a newbie to eBay). I would look at the auction & read it carefully & see if your mom has any correspondance to the seller inquiring about the authenticity. If you take it to a Coach store they will probably tell you if is it real or not, if they send it away for you for authentication they will confiscate it if it is a fake.
  6. People say things are authentic and they aren't. There was a Signature Mandy yesterday on ebay that I looked at and he said that it was authentic but when I asked for pictures of the lining he said that is was a soft black material, hmmm FAKE!!!!

    I just bought a keychain and found out when I got it that it was fake. I sent it back to the seller who is no longer registered with ebay and I am currently giving him til the end of the week to refund my money or I am turning it in to Discover.

    I have had problems before and Paypal was unable to get my money for me so from now on I always use my credit card.
  7. I would wait till it got resolved before I sent it to Coach to destroy. I just want to make sure that someone else doesn't get it!
  8. Ebay can be so great, and SO terrible.

    I did get douped by a fake once. I told the guy it was a fake and I was sending it back and I expected a refund not only for the price but also for the shipping both was as he misrepresented the item in his auction. I said if he failed to do so I would leave Neg feedback. Needless to say he refunded me everything, I left him neutral feedback, noting his items were fake.
  9. My mom did use a CC when she paid with PayPal. She thought she was being really carefull. The seller did say in the listing that it was authentic, so she didn't ask any questions. If I hadn't held it, I might have been fooled too.
  10. Unfortunately, there are people out there that are completely happy getting fakes.:cursing:
  11. If it's listed as a fake or "inspired" item, I'm ok with whatever they want to buy. I don't want it, but if they do, fine. I just don't want innocent people getting duped.
  12. I bought a fake signature demi and a fake signature wallet off Ebay. They were my first 2 Coach purchases and I had no idea they were fake for a long time. I was thrilled with them at first, then they both started falling apart and I started suspecting they weren't real. When I joined here and learned a lot more about Coach, I realized they definitely weren't real. Because I'd bought them months before, I didn't do anything about it since it's too late to change feedback or anything and I've bought so many things since then, I can't find the sellers names. I was going to throw them away but my sister asked for them just to play around with so I gave them to her.
  13. They cant list them as fake because it is illegal, they cant list them "inspired" if it has the Coach name on it.
  14. Here are my thoughts: there are a couple of different kinds of fake bag sellers on eBay.

    1) The seller who is unknowingly selling a fake and really has no idea what they are doing and/or the legal consequences of doing so. They got it as a gift or is selling for a friend, etc.

    2) The seller who knowingly sells blatant fakes and who doesn't care about anything except making money.

    Typically, if you are dealing with seller no. 1, they are pretty easy to work with especially when they find out how much legal trouble they can get into. Most of them feel bad about what happened and are usually cooperative. As you can imagine, seller no. 2 is just about money and they are the ones who know the rules and who just don't care about them or the people they rip off.

    I am hoping you are dealing with seller no. 1. That's why I requested an auction number because it gives us a better idea of who you are dealing with.

    Good luck!
  15. ^^^

    I hope we are dealing with a #1 too. I guess I didn't think about all the #1's in the world. I'll try to get the auction number from my mom later today. I don't think she thought to go look at what else the seller had sold before, so who knows if it's innocent or not.