Have you got your BE Sale items yet and do you like them?

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  1. My order has already arrived. I do love my early morning deliveries from BE.

    I simply adore my Chocolate Matte TME Midi. The leather is utterly exquisite, such a rich warm colour, and the size is just what I needed. The Chocolate Matte AP is very cute too and will be going straight into use. (I am retiring my Turquouise AP to protect it from further scuffing.)

    I am really delighted with my Purple Glossy Flirt With Me as well. I bought it to hold longer items like my cheque book in my bag and it would be great for that. However, it is much prettier than I expected so I am tempted to keep it as a little evening bag.

    I just love my 3 bargains!

    Photos to follow but maybe not today.
  2. So glad you don't think the choco matte too dull ;) ! I think this a fabulous colour and leather! Congrats with your purchases.
    Great you got the purple Flirt with me-It's a wonderful colour. I noticed it lingering around the pics of the Hug mes forever!
  3. Not at all dull. I am now very happy with my range of BE browns (paler Choco Pebbled Glossy HM and darker Choco Matte TME Midi).
  4. I was just joking, since you thought the TME in choco too dull on another thread-perhaps to turn our attention away?:smile:
  5. Oh dear - you have seen through my little trick!
  6. I am glad to hear that, Jenova... The TME is a practical bag and choco leather is lickable! Enjoy!
  7. Congrats! You lucky girl getting your goodies so early. Love the choco matte leather and we can't wait to see pics!
  8. Jenova - so pleased you are enjoying your purchases. The choco matte is one of my BE faves. I have a SMM in that leather and it is simply beautiful. Enjoy
  9. Congrats Jenova! I"m SO happy to hear that your happy!:smile:
  10. Wow, that was fast! Congrats! I will have to try the choco matte one day.
  11. It sounds heavenly. Wear her in good health!
  12. I'm really glad that you like all your goodies, especially the TME Midi.:yes:

    Nice sale haul!
  13. Thanks and hope to hear about other people's buys soon.
  14. Jenova I need to see pictures!!!!!!:nuts:
  15. Well, its not Jenova's bag, but here are pics of my beloved TME in chocolate matte (not from the sale, though).