Have you got Chanel replace the chain/or a loop of a chain on their classic flap?

  1. Hi all, my caviar east west bag, which I purchase about 2 months ago, is detached from the bag now because the very last loop (not the adjustable one, it's the loop on the other side end) fall off and I just found out. Dunno how/when that happen. Has anyone got Chanel replace/repair the chain? How does it work? How much will they charge?

    In my case, they really just need to add the last loop there, no need to replace the entire chain strap. Are they going to send to Paris to repair? Or to New York??

    Any advice for me? Thanks.
  2. There won't be a charge I promse!
    Did you buy it new from them?
    My SA acts like having Chanel fix/repair somethig is no big deal and not to worry about anything.
  3. Oh, yea, I bought it new from my local boutique like 2 months ago. Thanks Swanky. I will call my SA tomorrow for details. Thanks.

    Also, do you or anyone knows how long it will take to repair that chain strap?
  4. it took mine 3 weeks for a couple stitching.
  5. I have a chanel bag that had a pearl chain and it broke...took it to the chanel boutique and they sent it to Paris...less than 2 months it was returned to me fixed....and I didnt have to pay anything!! :smile:
  6. Hi, I got my east west from London, and when I returned home to Malaysia, I found the chain (one of the links) twisted. I sent it to the Chanel Kuala Lumpur boutique and they fixed it. Didn't have to send it to Paris either. Think there was a small token sum. Normally there aren't any charges, I've sent my bracelet before and there wasn't any charge. On another note, this is CHANEL, it should be perfect, right????
  7. Forgot to add, about 2 weeks to fix.
  8. Thanks all for the info, I just called the SCP boutique, my SA is out sick, but the other SA said if it's minor problem they can just fix it locally, no need to send to Paris. So they actually have a repair workshop here local local in Southern California? Or do they mean the US headquarter in NYC??

    But yea she said no charges, that's good!

    I will take the bag there on friday.
  9. hikarupanda. I was looking at my east west bag yesterday to figure out how to adjust the strap (after various PFers discussion about it). I STILL Don'T KNOW HOW to work it?!
  10. I just got back from the boutique, the SA said the bag will be sent to NYC for repair, it might take 2 months, no charge, however, I am a little worry since the SAs are so dumb it took them a while to understand what was the problem....and therefore I think their written description on my request is not too clear....I am hoping the staff in the repair workshop are more professional and understand the construction of the bag and chain so that they can fix it right....
  11. Hi all, I just called my boutique to see whether they will have to ship my bag to NY for repair, or would they be able to just fix it locally. My SA said that the local repair workshop doesn't have the color of my chain metal loop (silver HW), or they do have silver chain loop but different style/size. So it will have to be shipped out to NY and since many repair requests are shipped to NY from everywhere else in the US, I will have to wait 8 weeks for my baby to come back :crybaby:

    I just hope that they have the exact same metal loop in NY and fix it perfectly so it will be exactly the same as it was b4....I was kinda worrying about it last night.

    Maybe I shouldn't worry too much?? :crybaby:
  12. Yikes, does this kind of thing happen often with the classic Chanels??
  13. ^ i dunno how often this happens, all I know it's that chanel bags aren't perfect.

    the SA did offer to exchange for another one, but the only one left in store it's so obviously not symmetrical, i am talking about the quilting on the flap. so i turned it down and i rather have mine fixed instead.
  14. Ah 8 weeks? I would not fix it until I really don't care about the bag (or get a very similar bag to replace that baby while its away to take my mind off it)

    Well I guess its better than to France for 4 months! Hmmmmm...I'm sure Chanel won't mix up your bag *like what I read about the Chloe bags* so don't worry. And I'm sure they'll find the right loop it shouldn't be difficult to find one anyways!
  15. ^ well, the bag has to be fixed coz the chain is detached from the bag! i can't use it until the chain is re-attach to the bag....otherwise it will be more like a clutch, and I don't want a clutch......

    My "replacement" is going to be the baby cabas, well, it's a completely different bag but the baby cabas will take the east west bag out of my mind for a moment.

    Just out of curiousity, how did Chloe mess up their bag??