Have you googled your name ?

  1. And so ? what comes out ?

    -> me it's design related articles, mostly through my design university (work, achievements, interview) and coroflot (an international design portfolio website) nothing bad for my image, only good.... :sweatdrop:
    Just checking, I heard more and more employers google their candidates names, so.....
  2. nothing comes up on me. i google DH and his fball stats and stuff along w/business info come up. i told him he should try it some time, but he thinks it's dumb. also, he doesn't even know how to turn a pc on:amazed:
  3. ^^ sorry. didn't mean to sound hoity toity. dh isn't anybody famous, just an old dude who played college ball back in the days and hasn't accepted that it's over and done with.
  4. Nothing comes up about me.
  5. About two pages of high school track and field results, a random Rotary Club newsletter, an entry in my blog (one day I said my whole name in it, apparently)
  6. just boring stuff, charity committees I have worked on, newsletters, etc.
  7. Nothing for me, just people that have the same last name as me.
  8. embarrassing and scary stuff...an abandoned xanga (which I locked, thankfully), me mentioned in other people's blogs, archived newspaper articles about my scholarships, my profile when I worked for the dean of students at my university, information about my honors thesis including my powerpoint presentation...

    Sometimes I wish this information wasn't on there. Call me crazy, but I google my name all the time...I don't like information about me being on the internet.
  9. The first thing that comes up is a work publication that shouldn't have had my name as the contact person. I received sooo many phone calls after that thing got mailed out. The second thing that comes up is my name in our online company directory.
  10. Yes, i googled myself up! But weird things come out because of my last name is of italian descent, so everything about opera. Anyways, some of the things that come up is when I was interviewed by NBC for being like one of the spokeperson for a scholarship in California, it also talks about when I had a presentation with the Mayor of Los Angles, and somethiing about me in my school winning some contest!
  11. yes i have and all i see is something about this doctor who shares the same name as me.. not me but at least it means there's nothing bad out there about me either!
  12. Be warned - especially if you're addicted to this forum - I googled myself ( not much, v boring) but then lost days of my life googling everyone I know whos name I could think of - Its fun ( and feels a bit -ok very- nosey:whistle:) I had to stop when I found a link to a naked picture of someone from school (he he in order to share info with my GFs had to divulge secret googling habit)
  13. Some old research papers from college came up. I share a name with a famous singer so lot of other stuff comes up too. :P
  14. Just stuff that I've worked on back in college. I also found out that I actually share the exact first AND last name of a professor/psychologist in the East Coast. And no, my name is not Sigmund Freud... :smile:
  15. Yes .. it appeares on my Uni's Graduates List :biggrin: