have you gone from blonde to brown?

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  1. I am a natural blonde. My real hair color is a flat, dishwatery blonde. Very drabb. I have been maintaining a beigey blonde for years with highlights and toning and low lights.

    I am thinking, though, that I'd love to try darker hair. Something rich and lush. Keep in mind I am pale as hell, freckly, too. Would you consider being a life long blonde taken a chance on something chocolate colored?

    Any advice? If I do this, how much will it affect my makeup routines?
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    I am a natural blonde too, but w/ a different color- mine is a medium gold w/ natural highlights. I dyed my hair dark in college w/ a reddish tint. TERRIBLE. I would NOT do a DIY job going from blonde to dark- let a professional do it. If you get sick of it, it is a pain in the butt. You can let it fade out and try to work w/ color or you end having to get color correction. They had to strip my hair and do color correction. Since then I've never touched hair color.

    I'm biased, but I say leave the base alone. If you are bored w/ it, do some highlights or lowlights in the blonde or light brown family.

    Oh, and roots! Awful- they grow in light, so you look like a reverse skunk. It's a very high maintenance thing to keep up w/.
  3. I am now a darker blonde but years ago bleached blonde. I know when I first started going darker it would wash out even though I had it professionally done. I was trying to go for the Julia Roberts brown/reddish color but somehow ended up more red and not in a good way. That was years ago so I guess it was a slow process where I ended up a darker blonde and get hi-lights. Of course my DH loved the blonde blonde look better. I can see how you would want a new look but you should embrace your naturally blonde hair.
  4. I agree about the roots. I haven't gone from blonde to brown, but i've gone from medium golden brown to dark brown, and the roots look disgusting!!! I'm blonde now, and don't mind a bit of dark root, but it is COMPLETELY different when you have light roots. Your hair will look flat and just... odd. A look similar to this is when people with grey hair dye it and don't touch it up right away. Beware of the maintenance!
  5. I agree, I was just about to say the same thing.

    OP- I got bored with my blonde hair a couple months ago, and thought about going brown for the winter. Instead, I had my hairdresser put some light brown lowlights (weaved, not the kind that looks chunky) and I love it. :tup:
  6. Dont do it at home I did & wound up having to have my stylist fix it.

    I don't know what it is but just about every stylist I have seen & I have been to too many, can't seem to do brown without making it way too dark. Every single time I come out with dark chocolate brown when I want milk chocolate brown. The color my hair winds up fading to is the color I wanted in the first place :rolleyes: Just my .02
  7. Hi!

    I am also a natural blonde and very pale (more dark blonde now though.) A few years ago I made a big mistake by going chocolate brown. At the time I thought it looked fine but looking back at photos it just made me look so pale. Also the roots as mentioned before are horrible to look at, they look very odd when they come through.
    If you do decide you want to go brown I would stay away from the darker browns and try to stick to lighter shades.