Have you found Your PERFECT brown bag?

  1. This is the second try at a thread I previously posted a while back.

    I am going nuts trying to find the perfect brown bag. beautifully classic with yummy leather, tasteful hardware, and a timeless appeal, I know it exists! I know it!

    Please show me your perfect brown bag. I would very much appreciate it!:heart:

    Pictured below is the brown bag I probably would buy if I didnt already own two MJ Venetias. Its classic, beautiful, made of soft calf, and is just really great overall.
  2. haha... I'm trying to find the same thing... a PERFECT brown bag... I do have to say, that MJ bag is gorgeous! I've seen a few BE bags that come pretty darn close to "perfect", as well as Helen Dentalio bags... TDF... so gorgeous...
  3. Lol when I was reading this thread I was like 'oh yeah... those ARE SO HARD TO FIND...' while my brown Botkier Stirrup was in my lap, whimpering, going 'aren't I your perfect brown bag? You take me out pretty much everyday...'

    Haha... i'll take a picture when I come back, I need to go to work.
  4. Well, I'm a balenciaga girl and thoroughly addicted right now, so this is a biased opinion. But I think bal has the most amazing, soft, smooshy, beautiful leather and the most stunning colors (definitely the widest variety!) I love shades of brown as well. I have two brown balencigas (although there are sooo many more that bal has come out with). The dark brown is called mogano/cinnamon and has red undertones- it's gorgeous. The city style is classic bal. The second is called sienna/tabac, in the day style which is more casual, and really a perfect everyday bag.
    IMG_1328.JPG IMG_1324.JPG IMG_1516b.JPG
  5. Kooba Carla in chestnut
  6. Beautiful bags!! I hope to owe a BBag one day. Sigh, I can dream. Enjoy your lovely bags :smile:
  7. Thank you kings! You should pop over to the bal forum to drool with us sometime :drool:. I love looking at everyone else's gorgeous bbags- I can never get enough of that luscious leather. Plus, the bal ladies are wonderful!
  8. My Brown Chanel Cerf Tote is my favorite ... shown here on the Right next to my Black Cerf

  9. I also have this Balenciaga 05 Chocolate Day bag which is a GREAT shoulder bag! and 05 Chocolate is the BEST Brown Bal has made IMO ...

  10. yes, and it's a balenciaga :smile:
  11. I SO hear you!! I am a brown bag fanatic!!! What price range?
  12. ^$1500 and under
  13. I've found mine, but from your description of your perfect bag, I don't think it would be yours:sad:

    I don't have a pic handy, but I have a Fall 06 Gryson Skye in Camel, trimmed in darker brown, and I just love it. It's definitely a casual bag, though.
  14. I have yet to find a bag that matches your description perfectly, but the MJ bag you posted is GORGEOUS!!

    I'm personally found my perfect brown bag of the moment (pictured below), it's Coach & I love the gold hardware on it. Since it's patchwork, I can wear any shade of tan/brown/white & it will match :smile: The price is great too.

    The Balenciaga bags though, do have BEAUTIFUL leather! They seem to be a great fit for what you are looking for if not the Marc Jacobs bag! :smile:
  15. My fave brown bag is my LV speedy 30 - though not all leather.

    Tano has a lot of beautiful brown leather bags for wayyyy under your price range - but genuinely beautiful, lightweight leather. Plus a lot of different options and styles, no logos - etc. If you do though, however, have a craving to hit just around your budget, I'd go for a Balenciaga if they're your style. The leather is scrumptious... as is the Guccisima leather - if you don't mind the logo/design.