Have you found your dream bag?

  1. I'm trying really hard not to buy any more bags until I find my two dream bags (Valentine Chain and black vintage square box) and really need inspiration to stay on track.................

    Have you found your dream bag? How long did it take? Do you have a picture?
  2. Not really.. because if i do.. that means i have to stop buying handbags :wtf::lol:
  3. i did. i found one i was looking for and one i didn't know i was looking for. i finally got my purple caviar east west. it took about 4 months until i found on on eBay. it's fabulous! i thought i wanted a jumbo or a medium flap but i love the east west size.

    i also managed to find a black diamond shine flap. i saw a friend (waving!) wearing one and fell in love. ended up getting it in the red but the black one would not get out of my mind. called my fave sa and he located one in 20 min. when it came i literally gasped when i took it out of the box. i ADORE it. i never thought i would have loved a bag like that. honestly. ding ding ding moment!
  4. Not yet. I am still waiting for a red bag with matte gold hardware.
  5. Not yet all... Haha.
  6. i've been very lucky and have managed to get almost all of my dream chanels recently :yes: (until i see pics of the metallic black reissue that is :lol:)
  7. ^nightshade, do you have the pics of the black metallic reissue?
  8. nopee! Like you, I'm waiting for a heart chain flap! hopefully we'll both find one soon!!! :smile:
  9. I think my dream bag was just delivered. I'm at the office and can't even open the box yet to look at her - a large black Cerf with gold CC closure. Shhhhhhhhhhh can't let anyone know I've got another Chanel. But I think this could be my most fav bag ever.
  10. Everytime Chanel releases new bags, I find a new dream bag :p......theres always someting coming out new, that will trump what I currently have :yes:
  11. I think it's hopeless for me. But I have faith that if the bag if meant for me I will find it. If I don't then it's not meant to be.
  12. :lol: no i don't unfortunately, at this point of time i don't think anyone has them yet since they haven't been released? which is why i said i need to see pics of it to start a new dream bag lemming :sweatdrop:
  13. No because when I get my "dream bag" I have another "dream bag" within minutes. lol. It's a never ending cycle!
  14. Yes, I found it :yes:.... Such a shame it hasn't found me yet :lol:
  15. i have ( the white vintage cabas) but every time i find my dream bag i realise there are anothers i'm dreamming of