Have you followed your wish list or bought on a whim?

  1. When you finally go shopping do you actually go off your wish list or do you end up buying on a whim? When I read the boards, I sometimes see items not on my list and I am so tempted buy like the Groom stuff or the Pastilles or the Inclusion. Right now I am browsing eBay and there are great deals I want to bid on.

    What have you bought that's on your wish list so far? What have you bought that wasn't on it. Has your list changed a lot? I am on ban for 3 more weeks so I just keep telling myself to wait. I want to be able to cross stuff off my list, not keep adding on, haha.
  2. I recently crossed the Duomo off my list. It was the only handbag on my list for a long time. I usually know what I want when I go to the boutique. But, having said that, I have bought stuff I had no intention of buying. I bought the white mc alma in May, when I had no intention of buying anything at all. My husband is an enabler, he encourages me to get what I want instead of getting a different piece because of price.
  3. i dunno how to explain this...but i buy on a whim but in the end i'll follow my list (meaning i keep going bck for exchanges..) :amuse:
  4. I bought my Groom cles on a whim, but I guess it could be a lot worse! LOL
  5. I recently crossed White MC Trouville off my list.I tried so hard to stick to the list but it's very crucial to have. I can stay focus and one by one achieving my goals..I set up short term goal and long term goal..
  6. so far, i've been buying LV on a whim. i do have a wishlist though haha!
  7. I almost always follow my wish list.:P
  8. I buy what I want. I guess I have a mental wish list, but nothing is written on paper. I have never bought on a whim.
  9. So far I've been following my list!!! Next is:

    Lockit Horizontal
    Groom Cles
  10. On whim, I have a mental list, but almost always seem to find something I like better.
  11. for me, it's buying because I think I need a particular bag for style or function. Then I wander in LV to see what's doing in there, and it turns into a whim
    (well, I'm here now, and I really need it)
  12. My list is ever evolving and I've only begun to write stuff down around July/August of this year.

    To date I've only been able to cross one item off the list because I've purchased it - which is my Koala small ring agenda. I have managed to cross items off due to further thinking and deciding that among the certain items that were very similar - which one I prefered. But let me tell you - crossing it off because of purchasing it is MUCH more satisfying! hahaha ;)

    I do my list in excel and there's a bit of a hierarchy and an estimated timeline so I know what I am expecting to cross off the list when which I have been finding is helpful in trying to keep on track.

    There HAVE been a number of new items though that weren't exactly impulse buys - but they were definitely not specifically on my list. Namely - a mono leopard scarf which I justified as I don't have anything else leopard and I've been wanting something with leopard for years now that isn't overly trendy and second a Groom cles - which I've been needing something to hold loose change, but hadn't considered that the Groom cles would fit the bill until seeing it IRL at the store!

    So I'd like to think that I do follow my list, but I have the flexibility to see that if the opportunity comes to fill a void that I hadn't necessarily contemplated in advance I can say 'carpe diem!' and just get it! :supacool:
  13. I try to follow my list...but unfortunately it never works....I see a good deal on ebay and I buy! I must say I have knocked off almost all of my LE/discontinued items and only have 3, maybe 4 more to go!
  14. I've totally deviated from my wishlist! lol! Well, I did buy the marelle sac a dos that was on my list, but it was damaged and they didn't have another one in the store. I was going to pick something else on my wishlist, but I really wanted a messenger bag so I bought the Messenger Pm Bosphore which isn't on me list and I love it! The other items I've purchased aren't on my list either: Groom stuff and jack and lucie. I'm planning on sticking to my wishlist from now on. It's hard, though, because I'm on tPF a lot and when I see the gorgeous pics of other PFers' purchases, I totally fall in love so my list ends up longer.
  15. Whims.. all the time ! Lists just don't really work out so well for me.