HAVE YOU: Experienced Lock Chipping, Peeling Scratching?

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  1. Scratches and chipping on the hardware is one of things that goes with having a Paddington, I'm afraid. Unless you have one with silver hardware that doesn't have any coating to chip. I got my first little ding on the lock the first week I was using it and I was trying to be careful.:sad:
  2. Thanks, Mona. Carolina at NMLC assured me that it was brand new, just-ordered for the store only 2 days before I bought it. I thought it might be bacause of it being squished in the box for mailing. I will post pictures when I get home and figure out how to download it to this forum. :P
  3. Thanks for the reassurance, Bag-mania. It is good to know that the chipping is part & parcel of owning a Paddy. Knowing this puts my mind at ease. Maybe we can start a new thread on whose locks with the most dings.:graucho:
  4. Can't wait... so can we call you a Chloe addict now?
  5. Yep, like everyone else said it just kinda comes with the territory eventually. If it's minor I really wouldnt worry too much about it, as more little chips and scratchs will appear with time. At first I didnt like that, but I've grown to accept it, and kinda like it now. It adds character!
  6. The other girls are right... and the first chip is the hardest, especially if you didn't do it, i imagine! Don't worry, in a week's time, you won't even notice it. You might even add a couple more by accident, but it's a design feature.

    I don't own an 07-08 paddy, but the locks seem much more scratch resistant than the old buff locks, so you're lucky in that respect!
  7. Thanks, i_wona. I was a little disappointed when I opened the box and saw the small dent. But after hearing all your comments and spending the evening admiring the bag, I am now feeling much better about it.

    CleoCoutre, I'm going to take your advice and wear the very-characteristic bag with pride. ;)

    I will post the pics sometime this weekend (I hope ~ not very IT inclined unless it's with spreadsheets and powerpoints:shame:smile:.
  8. Yep, it goes with the terroitory and if was "your" chip, you wouldn't barely notice. Now you can carry it and not be so stressed about the first imperfection (which is definitely inevitable!!!). Enjoy :tup:
  9. I bought a Chloe shoulder bag from Saks this summer that had discoloration on the twist lock. It did not bother me so much since I got the bag at 60% off! It was on the sales bin. I bought 2; one in dark brown, the other in a camel tan color. Slight imprefections are a part of the uniqueness. That's how I see it anyway. So enjoy your bag.
  10. Scratch is ok, but peeling is a whole other thing...
  11. I just got a metallic bleu nuit paddy from Bluefly with black hardware. I love the look of the black hardware... but how easily does it chip? I don't abuse my bags, and I probably wouldn't be wearing this one very often, but I don't want to keep it if the lock will get all chipped quickly.
  12. Scratches easily, doesn't really chip
  13. I have the black/black paddy, and some of the black paint on the hardware has... not really chipped, but kind of rubbed away on the part of the padlock that rubs against the u-shaped bracket. It has a kind of matte gray-silver tone to it, so it doesn't look too bad. I also have a couple of scratches on some of the other hardware, but it's fairly minor.

    The bleu nuit metallic is so gorgeous. I have the clutch in that color combo and love it! Did you get the front pocket one that was there a little while ago?
  14. Hey bedhead :flowers:, Thanks for your input! I think the scratches could look pretty cool on the black on black bag, but I'm not so sure about how it would look on the metallic blue... does that make sense?

    Yes, it's the front pocket that was on BF. I really do like it, but I'm not 100% sure, ya know?:confused1:
  15. Hi guys.....could you post pictures of the black on black paddy? I just ordered one from Nordies for $689....It looked grayish on the picture that's why I bought it immediately.....Is it really black black color? or it has silver/gray undertone?

    Please help...