HAVE YOU: Experienced Lock Chipping, Peeling Scratching?

  1. Have you paddington owners had any issues with the locks on those bags?
  2. I've heard of issues with the coating on the lock and key chipping off to reveal silver... this has happened to my key. It's slight, and not a big deal to me. I haven't had chipping on my lock or any of the other hardware. I find it easy to lock/unlock it, but most of the time I keep the bag with the lock on it, but not fully closed and secured. I hope that makes sense :wacko:
  3. I'm so gald you asked. My lock comes undone withou the key, just pull on it, just a little and it comes open! I'm scarred to carry the lock on it now in fear that it will fall off and get damaged or lost completely! Anyone else having this problem? Hubby said he would take a look at it and see if he could fix it, of course he will take it apart to look, so I haven't mentioned it to him agian.
  4. ROFL - is he an engineer? I know the type.
  5. i went to Saks today and my SA and i were talking about white bags and she leaned in and whispered "WHATEVER YOU DO, don't get a paddington! the screws come out and the damn bag and lock fall apart!"

    no paddingtons for Amanda.
  6. (fingers crossed) So far so good!
  7. mine is perfect! and i have used it non stop since i bought it. I went overseas with it .. on the plane .. airport security .. everything! its in great shape!
  8. I'd be so ticked off to spend that much $$$$ on the purse only to have the lock fall apart.:sad2: :mad:
  9. You guessed it!:biggrin:
  10. I haven't had any problems either. But if I did - back to the store it would go.
  11. I had problems with my first lock and key. They were both peeling and got worse only after a couple of days of use. I got them replaced and both my lock and key are fine now. The lock had some dents on the front, but it's a lot better than the peeling issue. The peeling WILL get worse over time.
  12. You need to have Chloe replace those. There's no way you should be keeping the lock in that condition. They'll do it for you.
  13. I'm not saying that this has never happened, but I have certainly not heard of it (and I've read almost every post of the 500-page thread on TFS!). I wonder what she means that the bag falls apart? Even if the lock broke, that wouldn't affect the rest of the bag. Now, the locks tending to scratch and peel? Yes. Many people have had that problem (I've had it on two of my three bags) which is unacceptable but the lock and key can be replaced. A flaw in design but I still love these bags!!
  14. i remember several people on this board a few months ago posting problems about buckles on the sides of the bags becoming loose and various problems with the locks.

    plus, she's on commission and that's a $1500 bag, i don't think she'd tell me NOT to buy one if she didn't think there was a good chance i'd be dissatisfied with it. she's a great SA, i trust her quite a bit, and if she says that to me, i'm not buying one.
  15. i think a lot of people has problems with peeling of the locks. my padlock is peeling as well but it's just very little and i didn't even notice till just recently. but if you have that problem i think you can ask the chloe store for a replacement. i've heard some people has done that. good luck:amuse: