Have you experienced Hermes bag jealousy...

  1. All: I had the most odd experience (and I DON'T even own one yet!!).... I mentioned to another H fan about planning on investing in a Birkin and the response I received was really rude. Something to the effect of being like "Martha Stewart" and going to horse shows to "show off" my Birkin. :confused1:

    I would have thought they would be supportive.

    Have you ever had people make comments about your being pretentious or snobby because of your H bag(s)???

    I consider it a good investment, while I know that the brand screams volumes...and honestly, I don't care what people think about my owning one.

    But, I just wanted to get your experiences.

  2. I know what you mean - I asked some close friends if they'd "think less of me" if I got a Birkin.
  3. Just ignore them... just follow your heart...whatever pleases you that' what matter
  4. That's weird, I don't think that person qualifies as a "H fan" then.

    BTW, please don't let people make you feel bad about what you buy, it's your own money! They should butt out rather than rain on your parade, you are not harming anyone!
  5. I have not experienced that or noticed it about my bags....I have definitely looked at some of my friends bags on the forum and been absolutely green with jealousy though!...but also happy for them at the same time!
  6. NAH. Of course, i am under the radar here, even with MS B. My mother and friends who notice say nice things, but then, they would notice Manolos waaaaay before my bag. Weird. I am surrounded by SHOE people....
  7. it's not jealousy, more like envy and happy for them that they have the birkins that i want. :tup: I drool over the bags that i want and dream about one day owning them...
  8. Oooh yes...I've seen the little green-eyed monsters come out of some people.

    1.) Coworker said my Birkin looked "plain....."
    2.) SIL said "I shouldnt be spending my DH money so carelessly..."
    3.) A "Sofa King Banned" member harrassing me about how I get my Birkins & Kellys. She also threaten to expose my "true identity...: bla bla bla (She can just BITE ME!)

    I just ignore them. Why on earth would I let someone else steal my joy? So my dear I say dont take what your friend said to heart.
  9. really? ..........:p
  10. Oh, no. Not at all. Some of the people around me don't know what Hermes even is so they can't comment about something they know nothing about *LOL* The ones who do know are pretty supportive and not catty about it. We all have vices and there are certainly worse ones than being an *H* lover.

    In the end, it's *your* money and you can invest it any way you wish.
  11. Me neither. Of course, my choices are not so much "under the radar" as completely off the radar. Mr.GGA says they're really more off the wall...but that's another conversation.

    I have been known to lie on the rare occasions that people close to me have asked me what they cost. (ie, Mr.GGA)
  12. No. Most of my girlfriends don't own any Hermes Bags and one told me the only reason she will bother with getting on the Birkin waitlist is to sell the bag to make some money, but none of them has ever really said anything to make me feel bad about my choices in what I buy.

    They just recognize that we spend our money differently. ;)

    This may also just be me but I will try to hang out less with such 'friends' who make me feel guilty or negative. Life is just too short.
  13. :roflmfao:

    .....and when that box (or croc) birkin shows up on your doorstep someday I will not be able to contain my envy... I'm such a witch!
  14. No most of my friends are pleased for me ( I have lovely friends)
    but think it totally nuts to spend so much money on H items, I often get lectures well meaning ones that I totally ignore. And I really do like seeing all tpf members collections.

    In one ear out the other, so dont listen go with your desires and your loot and enjoy

  15. If you told me you are trying to invest in one, I will tell you that I am jealoused that you can find one.. I am also "jealoused" at all the beautiful Hermes bags I see here in tPF. But i think it's a good kind of jealous.. more like adoring.. hehe... but your H fan friend definitely sound bitter..just ignore her..