HAVE YOU: Experienced Color/Dye Transfer with your Chloe?

  1. i remember socal talking about having a a dye transfer issue with a betty satchel. i have a betty hobo in tan. i've used it maybe five times...today, i was wearing a pair of dark jeans and when i looked down at the bag it seems to have absorbed some of the color -- there are dark smudgy patches all along the side. anyone else have this problem and if so what did they do about it???? i know the store won't take it back as they'll say i did something....i too think i'm done with chloe for the moment.
  2. People rave about a product called Leather CPR that can be found at Bed, Bath and Beyond. It supposedly can remove anything, including jeans dye transfer.

    It isn't just Chloe. Any soft, porous leather is prone to dye transfer. I had a Botkier bag with the same problem and was able to return it to NM for a full refund.
  3. I think SoCal took a bag back for this reason...but I am sure it depends on where you bought it. I had a tiny bit of color transfer on my lemon yellow Hogan Scout when I carried it with a black suede blazer. Try the leather CPR or a non-alcoholic baby wipe.
  4. Sent Betty to Factotum for repair/re-dye...


    I gave Betty to my sister after she was "fixed"...

  5. thank you....socal...i have a very good place here in nyc where all the magazines and fashion people send their stuff..i will also try the leather cpr someone mentioned. in all my years of bags - this is a first!
  6. Factotum is fantastic! They've repaired bags for me in the past (YSL,Gucci) They even do shoes. I recommend them for anyone in the Orange County area. They may even be able to give care info to those not in OC.
  7. I have the green Betty and made the mistake of wearing it with dark jeans and black pants. Some of the color transfered on to one of the pockets. Is there any way to get rid of this?
  8. If you live near a Bed, Bath & Beyond store they sell a product called Leather CPR that is fabulous. It got all of the color transfer off my Mom's camel colored Balenciaga bag. You might even find it in a hardware store too.
  9. I've purchased that product at restoration hardware also, it does work well on most leathers. I've also had that problem with the dark jeans with most of my light leather bags and my Louis bags that have the light leather trim. Now before I start using any bag with light coloring I spray it with a product like Kiwi Protect-all which is a water and stain protector for leather and fabric shoes (which works fine on bags). Then if you do get the tansfer on the light leather it's easier to get off.....I'll then use this dry cleaning pad I have by Cadie, which I am looking for more of, which works well on leathers and suedes that you can't use a wet product on (especially the louis cowhide trim leather).
  10. that's it! I would be careful when first trying just to make sure it will work with the leather of your bag, but I have not had a single bad experience with it yet, it works on sooooo much stuff, furniture, clothes, etc...I did try to use it to get dried ink off my orange epi Louis bag and that's the only time it didn't completely work but I think that's just because of the type of leather and the fact that it was very dry permanent black ink....oh well
  11. Ok - cool. I am going to try to find this too. Thanks!
  12. This happened to me about two weeks ago, but I haven't had time to reflect. I recently received my gorgeous Craie loaf from a very lovely PF member, and just had to take it out with me. Unfortunately I wore dark denim that day, and Ms. Craie decided that she, too, wanted to wear dark denim! My jeans were not new, either, but somehow my bag ended up with blue on her back. Luckily, when I noticed, I took her into a bag and shoe repair shop right away, and the stain came out with no harm to the bag. For future instances, I had her weather/stain proofed. Has this happened to your white/off white Chloe? Anyone have permanant stains to their bags?
  13. I'm glad to hear you got her cleaned, it would have been horrible if it stained permanently! :amazed:
    I remember I read this happened to someone on some other forum (propably TFS) and she couldn't get the jeans transfer away from her paddy, it was so sad so I've always avoided carrying my light coloured bags next to my jeans :sweatdrop: If I'm wearing jeans I keep the bag on my shoulder far from them and I would never wear a jeans jacket with paddy!
  14. it happened to me too...with my ysl muse white unfortunately here in italy there is not a place to clean bags:crybaby: